Name e Format: Pisbakko (Cyberflavours) – aroma concentrato 10 ml –  ricevuto dal produttore


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Decalred base: 50VG/50PG

Expiry date:

Devices: iStick Pico 75w + Vampire V2 coil 0.75 ohm (N80 0.28 awg) con Fiber N’ Cotton

The TheFlavourist team never stops, so today it’s time to add to the list of producers that we’ll review a house with a local flavor that has been on the market since the dawn of vape and has a long line up of aromas that have always dominated on the shelves of every store or site in our industry. Drum roll … here you are Cyberflavour. Which of you in your vapers career has never come across an aroma? Impossible, given the vastness of aromas that are made available to us trying to cover the needs of each of us, creamy aromas, tobacco aromas, fruity aromas and so on and so forth.

We want to start this journey talking about their great classic one of those liquids that arouses the curiosity of many. And that surely you will have had the opportunity to try you on some occasions. In fact, in their intent to achieve more vapers, they created synthetic flavors and therefore do not contain extracts that make it necessary to use regenerable atom, making them suitable for those who are beginners and even for the more experienced. This is the Cyberflavour Pisbakko which is described as follows by the producer:

A mix of fruit, creams and tobacco, skilfully linked to create a unique sensation.

What is transmitted to us from the description is certainly a more specific definition of the already exhaustive name in fact, by reading the label we would have already expected an aroma that combined the pistachio with tobacco, the description helps us to enter into the merits of this aromatic combination and in fact inside we will find a mix of fruit, understood as pistachio, cream and tobacco that will bind to each other giving back something new.

I will not dwell much on the description of the bottle that is in the classic style aroma, then a 10ml bottle of concentrated aroma wrapped in a label that shows in a stylized way the elements that we will find inside it on it is reported a pistachio a heap of tobacco and a glass of milk to the side. All very simple nice and clear. Also remember that the aroma should be diluted as indicated on the label in this case 8-10%.


Start the smeel test trying to search “all nose” all the ingredients that have been described previously.

And immediately from the first approach I find myself in trouble in this operation for a simple reason the most intense predominant part is certainly the creamy one, in fact everything is wrapped by this sweet and inviting fragrance that gives back the sensation of a particularly creamy and rich liquid. The creamy fragrance is particularly sweet and emerges in a pleasant way but it makes us understand that these are synthetic elements. Continuing the test finally you can see a slight and delicate scent of pistachio, but is taken under the arm by this cream going to merge with it losing its unique characteristics.

It remains virtually impossible to see any reference to tobacco that will certainly be found at the bottom of the aromatic composition and this suggests that it was used only to promote an overall balance of the liquid by dampening the sweet tones of an excellent cream.


After the first puff we can not remain indifferent Pisbakko is exactly what we expected a liquid pleasant and suitable for everyone who has as its strength its sweet creaminess.

Trying to enter more on the merits of the liquid in the foreground we find a full-bodied aromatic roundness that turns on classic flavors of a sweet and well-sweetened cream that allows itself to the puff in the first phase revealing rich and full aromatic, and continuing to mix with mastery to delicate hints of pistachio, do not expect to receive the same unique and valuable sensations of a pistachio of Bronte, but surely the molecules used do not disfigure and note of merit do not change on flavors of almond as often happens when you face this type of recipe.

Only in the final part of the puff can we perceive some burst of tobacco, but still remains in the shadow going to balance the recipe with some slightly pungent note but still well inserted throughout the aromatic context.

The overall result is very simple and in any case the creamy base holds the aromatic composition making the creamy and delicious mouthful, transferring to our palate sugary and slightly buttery sensations, only in the second measure the other ingredients intervene releasing in a delicate way their tastes, the pistachio definitely more decisively than the tobacco that stays far behind keeping the aromatic values ​​at bay altogether.

The guys at Cyberflavour succeed in their intent to create something suitable for all types of palate, a good liquid with a synthetic character that will surely be appreciated for its sweet and creamy notes and less for those tobaccos or that derive from pistachio, definitely suitable for new vapers but also for those who want to break the usual routine.

Pro: Sweet and tasty cream all day and all the vapers.

Cons: Tobacco not present.