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E-liquid review: Pitch Bend (Green Fog) 40 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: S320517

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Expiry date: 11-2018

Devices: Geekvape Aegis 100W + Innokin Ares RTA single fused clapton coil 0,75 ohm (Ni80 30 awg x 2 + Ni80 38 awg) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

Today we return to talk about of the Italian brand Green Fog and about one of its tobacco creations, Pitch Bend. The Electro line is inspired by the fascinating world of music. The name of the product, Pitch Bend, dispels any form of doubt. Do you know what we are talking about? Pitch bend is the temporary change of pitch to get the beats of two different pieces in sync. With vinyl records, for example, this operation is usually done using fingers to speed up or slow down the disc by pushing or pulling it from the label. It would not seem, but it is an indispensable operation when two songs play at the same time but have the jokes out of sync. All clear?

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According to the classification of The Flavourist, the tobacco flavours of Green Fog are among the “classic tobacco’s” as “molecular” and not derived from extracts of tobacco leaves.

pitch bend

Now We can afford to gloss over the examination of the packaging of the product. You will find sufficient information and our opinions by visiting the manufacturer’s page and reading the reviews already made about the brand.

Also the description of Pitch Bend dispenses informative notes on the chosen name:

Pitch bend in electronic music is the famous dial used to modulate musical note intonation. Nothing more proper to describe this e-liquid that modulates in a scrupulously balanced way the tobacco notes more delicate of a Virginia blend, a grass perfume of green hay, flowers and chamomile
hints. For people who love details and shades.

Pitch Bend has a smell like a potpourri of vivid herbal scents. Open tiles and full of medicinal herbs of herbal we invest winking olfactory urges. A shy hint, graceful and light, leads to a sweet and light tobacco that seems almost confused or disguising itself as alfalfa. Fresh and light but very elusive tobacco soul.


I set for my vape test my Ares RTA with a 0.7 ohm single fused clapton coil, in such a way that I can unravel in the medium-low wattages, the most suitable for a tobacco product.  The e-liquid presents itself on a tobacco bed, very sinuous, sweet and gentle. Honeyed shades we sidetrack making it difficult to identify the tobacco base. Yet, this tabaccoso imprinting, however timid, responds to the characteristics of a typical “molecular” Virginia that is noted with good sharpness in inspiration.

innokin ares

The tobacco perception, as expected, it is inversely proportional to powers of vape: with increasing wattage boosts the sugar component of the mix going to further enhance the herbal notes. Virginia winks at us and seems to play with acid glazes, whose assonances lead back to the taste of chamomile, and its sweetish nature, still defining a relaxing aromatic structure that does not allow space for high watts power and compulsive vaping. Yet, defining it as “meditative tobacco e-liquid” would be a mistake.

The heart of vaping test, the real tasting moment, offers extra enhancement of softness and the bouquet is rounded presenting sweet but not cloying. Pitch bend, with its wraparound and herbaceous mix demonstrates a strong female character with a good aromatic persistence.


I must admit that I find myself in the presence of a rather unusual aromatic combination that takes some getting used to. A dimension that seems to be more herbalist than tobacco flavoured one. Experience in an interesting albeit ambiguous background. Even if you decide to try it, you grant Pitch Bend puffs some more to understand it and decide if it will meet the favor of your palate. Face it with a calm, relaxed, without leaving displace from this new dimension.

Starting with the typical notes of a Virginia synthesis classical, Green Fog has built a complex tobacco e-liquid by very innovative aromatic structure. Precursor of new tobacco styles? Perhaps, but the tobacco footprint is a little short of expectations.  The persistence of the chamomile scents limits in my opinion the character of the e-liquid and unfortunately the increase of the watts accentuates this characteristic little masculine, exalting more and more inside the mouth green shades of field and fresh hay.

The puff however preserves its intriguing role also because it is always in its ropes to be aromatically ambiguous. In some situations it seems to be lost in its ambiguity, perhaps looking for some more vigorous accent, but it never loses its brilliant, pleasant and very spring-like timbre.

ico 3

Pro: A complex tobacco e-liquid, unpublished with a distinctly spring tone.

Contro: Above 20 watts seems to be more herbalist than tobacco flavoured.