E-liquid review: Plinius (Art&Science) 30 ml – received by the producer

Batch: 5041601

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 40% PG – 60% VG

Expiry date: 04-2019

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150W + Hobo 3.1 RDA single coil 0,6 ohm (Kanthal A1 0,32 mm) with japanese organic cotton.

The journey on the scented creations of Art&Science continues today with the e-liquid Plinius inspired by the famous Roman writer Pliny the Elder, the first volcanologist recognized in history who died among other things, during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 as he tried to observe the volcanic phenomenon.

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Plinius is a creamy e-liquid that the manufacturer describes in this way:

Pliny the Elder, best known as Roman writer and naturalist (A.D. 23 – A.D. 79); he was at Misenum in command of the fleet when Mt. Vesuvius erupted: but he did not want to leave the place, so he died because of the volcanic fumes. By vaping PLINIVS, a premium gourmet e-liquid which gives an Italian interpretation of the Anglo-Saxon lemon curd, you will be surrounded by the lemon scent of those magic and fertile lava fields.


The packaging of the entire Art&Science line is, in my opinion, the best at the moment to offer the industry both from an aesthetic point of view, of the prestigious and very elegant choices (judge for yourself from the pictures), that from the point of view of completeness of the information.

In short I will tell you that the product is in black glass bottle with a childproof closure and dropper-tipped beak. The bottle is housed in a beautiful aluminum can, really painstakingly. The data relating to the product are divided between leaflet inside of the can and the entries listed on the bottle itself. Positive example to follow.


The opening of the bottle and the resulting smell test projects us right away in a hushed size and ultra fragrant: absolute excellence. One senses a unique and graceful scent of lemon cake; It is something extremely delicate and soft.

Art&Science tells us about a reinterpretation of a lemon kurd, better known as “lemon cheese”, a traditional English dessert, a lemon cream typically used to fill cakes and biscuits; He also said that often for lemon kurd means the lemon cake itself. I can not and I can not dwell longer on the analysis olfactory because yearn dying to try Plinius, I want to give to my taste the same smells, even more, I want and I try vape-confirmations. They will arrive?

And the confirmations come from the first puff when this creation is manifested in all its intense refinement, showing a delicate lemon cream full of aroma, which goes perfectly with a basic buttery in turn able to perfectly recreate a soft feel of cake. In the top notes emerges crisp lemon flavor rather of lemon cream which are queued during vaping the soft features of a freshly baked cake.

Custard with lemon glazes situated on a velvety pastry: an experience so realistic and exciting that it seems to me almost feel a sprinkling of icing sugar to decorate the cake very well!


The Plinius vape is warm, full-bodied and fat, a goodness at the highest levels, we are in an aristocratic pastry … High pastry. Pure sensuality in terms of taste and tasting. You can vape Plinius in any condition and with any hardware, but as always happens before such delicacies delicate aromatic nuances, I recommend moderation in watts and slow in savoring the product, to enjoy and fully appreciate the features of its aromatic structure.

Art teacher of Art&Science emerges an e-liquid persuasive and undoubtedly among the top of the “creamy lemon”, a liquid that surely will star in the autumn of 2016. At the end of The Best of Autumn 2016 promoted by The Flavourist is not that far away …

ico 5

Pro: I will be wasting adjectives, it is just perfect.

Cons: It is not a new recipe.