Name e Format:  Pop linea V by Black Note (Vaporificio & Black Note) – Aroma concentrato 20 ml – ricevuto dal produttore


Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: Tesla stealth 40w + Vampire V2 1.00 omh (Kantal A1 28AWG) + Cotton bacon V2

Today we continue our musical journey, masterfully directed by the masters of Vaporificio and V by Blacknote, which now do not need any introduction on our pages because over the months we have analyzed their new lines starting from their interpretation of the individual tobaccos up to get to today’s line of flavored blends. The line consists of 5 liquids that are combined for their creation to totally different genres, in fact in the next weeks we will participate in different musical interpretations, we started with the Rock, today we will proceed with the Pop, waiting to hear and savor the Jazz, the House and the Reggae. The idea of ​​these liquids is to combine a blend of tobacco with light aromatizations that will try to conquer the public hopefully making us dance without ever getting bored.

The packaging of the bottle is very nice and catchy, linear but successful: a 20 ml bottle of flavoring to which will be added the classic base 10ml with or without nicotine. This time the characteristic color of the label is a celestial, bright, lit and decisive, where on the side we find an interpreter who sings at the throat of the microphone. The result after mixing and after a few days of waiting, it is a liquid with strong tones, with a strong, intense yellow that however remains very clear despite the fact that firecured tobacco is present. In addition to the name we find another description, English blend. The musical masters, but in reality they are great aromatieri today offer us a totally different music Pop music genre that could not also be linked with the English world in fact, a bit as we expected, the heart of this aroma is a British blend, we imagine in the classic Latakia style, Virginia and a hint of Oriental tobaccos.

This is the description given to us by the producers:

Flavor Profile: Rich and Relaxing. A fruity background works behind the scenes in this English blend, producing a fully aromatic experience reminiscent of pipe tobacco. This rich and relaxing blend is both pleasant and impressive, with a vivid flavor that stirs up the senses.

The description is certainly very detailed and simply prepares us very well and already starts to tickle our palates. The rich and relaxing aromatic profile and the construction of the aromatic scene recreated through pipe tobacco, strong and decisive that are illuminated in this show by fruity effects that will exalt and propose this blend in a very special light.

Thus we arrive at the olfactory test, we gently approach the glass bottle and immediately we are struck by the aromatic charge that comes from the liquid contained in it. On the scene there is a strong fruity scent that turns slightly on alcohol, certainly the aromatization is the lion’s share in this liquid, in fact we can slowly perceive the tabacosa, which is revealed in a silent way and with little decision, contrary to what we expected, gives us its woody and slightly smoky notes, which combine safely with the vegetable and fat part of the tobacco leaf. Surely we will not have problems to find the flavoring because at the end of the olfactory test the fumes coming from the bottle have conquered our nose and remain there for a long time.

After a convincing olfactory test we arrive at the vaporization test, which you were all waiting for. From the first breath in the inhalation, the aromatized notes are rich and full, the slightly alcoholic and sweet fruity part recreates a full rich and fat vapor. It remains difficult to recognize the fruits but surely we can say that they have a tendency to tend to be a sweet aromatic base. Everything comes out in a delicate and never excessive way the pipe tobaccos used in this blend are not determined but remain delicate and never invasive, there are no dark or overly woody notes everything is combined to recreate an excellent aromatic balance without excessively weighing down the steam charge and leave the delicate and tasty aromatization in the foreground. In the final phase from the svapata on our palate there is a trail full of sweet and never oppressive flavors. Tobacco, however, seems to us that spending too much time on the sidelines is certainly part of the composition of the liquid but does not stand out and does not shine too much remaining in the lower part and never “amazing” solos able to leave us speechless.

Surely the intentions of the producers find a basic idea, which for us is to satisfy every type of palate, in fact the liquid is delicately incisive and remains imprinted not for its dark and woody notes but for its delicacy a tobacco that becomes appreciate in moments of relaxation without going too busy our papillae that in a relaxing and delicate discover new flavors leaving a rich sweet and tasty note in the final phase that encourages us to continue our tasting.

The test also for this product has been carried out for several ml, the duration of the coils has been in line with the other aromas of the line with slightly light tones, but the first decay of aroma we perceived around 10 ml that made necessary perform a new regeneration.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Pro: rich but delicate flavoring.

Cons: We expected more from the pipe mix.