Concentrated flavour review: Pops! (Yum!) 15 ml

Batch: 201630173

Expiry date: 07/2018

Base:50 PG – 50 VG

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Devices: RX200 + Griffin 25 top air dual coil 0,22 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) con cotone organico giapponese.

 In the hands of The flavourist, ready to be reviewed, the aroma of the Pops Yum line, the french manufacturer Sarl Alav. An attractive packaging and llustrations, do not go unnoticed. The line consists of three mouth-watering flavors.

Yum! Pops

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Pops description:

The flavour of Pops Invites you to the cinema, formed by the taste of the popcorn, enhanced by a touch of caramel that makes it incredibly delicious.

A classic american snacks, popcorn and caramel, which for some time also like to Europeans. The combination of salty notes and ultra sweet notes that always works! When one speaks of creamy caramel … the vaper crazy.

Olfactory examination, Pops reveals an intense bouquet of acetyl pyrazine. An ingredient (molecule) that has always been used (not only) to recreate the flavor of popcorn. The frame caramel, very good and appealing, is refined by a sweetening of ethyl maltol. That sweetener used to make the recipes, sweet and biting. The marshmallow.

Before moving to the vape tests, allow me a clarification. The molecular ingredients in this recipe are common to several aromas and e-liquid. The dosage of each ingredient can simulate different recipes. The pyrazine, for example, can be used as a reinforcement of the dried fruit toasting … or more simply represent an excellent aromatic popcorn simulation. Just a matter of dosage. Same thing can be said of etilmaltol. Cotton Candy, Marsmallow … or just a perfect sweetener to transform (for example) the character of creams or biscuits. All of which is well known to fans of DIY.



Dilution choice of Pops, for this review, it is 12%. But feel free to exceed. We’ll find why together . The coil need some running-throw, but Griffin 25 top air, proves to be a good choice. The taste of popcorn emerges with a mild intensity, but appreciable. It’s the caramel the real star. A particularly sweet caramel and … complex. Complex because it is very soft and sweetened. In addition all’etilmaltol is evident the presence of sucralose. The combination of the ingredients simulates a taste to the changing times, living through a nice balance to the sweet / savory contrast. Popcorn and caramel? Caramel and popcorn? It matters little!


The aromatic persistence with a dilution of 12%, is not very long, but … 3/4 shots intense reinforce a taste capable of satisfying and pleasantly accompany us throughout the day. Pops is creamy, intelligent and pleasant. The pyrazine (popcorn) is well managed. The association with the caramel and double sweetening makes it less invasive. The result is a pleasant and tasty product. Fragrant, but not too much. A long session of vape could really remember the passion linked to watching a movie at the cinema … eating caramel popcorn. Unfortunately, the aromatic persistence is not equal to this experience. But we always try to bring the dilution of this scent beyond the 20% threshold.


Did you happen to perceive glazes cheese in products of this kind? Lengthen the maturity, leaving the bottle open for a few days can enhance this effect, but does not do miracles. This occurs when the caramel meets etilmaltol and pyrazine in specific doses and conditions. It ‘a slight haze that can not escape The Flavourist. We can forgive her … but only in this case. Do not ruin the recipe. We get used to and it seems to vanish with time. sensitivity issue. Many will not notice it.

The Pops aroma will please many lovers of e-liquid creamy. But do not forget that it is an aroma! An aroma that can flawlessly to transfer wealth of content and creaminess.




Suggested dilution: 12%… 22% come vi piace!

Maturing time: 2 days

ico 4

Pro: An aroma that can flawlessly to transfer wealth of content and creaminess.

Cons: Nothing serious to report.