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Name and Format: Positano Leaf (Vitruviano’s Juice) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 106D18

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: Billet Box + Vapeshell con riduttori aria 1.5 + nano alien coil 0.70 ohm Ni80 with Cotton Bacon 2.0.

Continuing our journey to discover new flavors and tastes, today we return to the Vitruviano’s Juice house, at present a very famous e-liquid brand that we have come to know for its refined and delicate Italian tastes. We do this by talking about the new liquid Positano Leaf born from the collaboration between Vitruviano’s Juice and Azhad’s Elixsirs with a goal to create a harmony of unique flavors that see the intertwining of tobacco in the world of pastry.

From the name we understand what the liquid will be made on the one hand the recipe of the classic Positano that we all know, for those who do not know, it is the transposition in liquid of a sweet typical of the Amalfi Coast the lemon delight that sees a base to the sponge cake flavored with limoncello with a delicious lemon cream with which it is coated. Really “delicious”. On the other hand, the word leaf immediately makes us think of tobacco leaves.

The prospects are excellent, but will they really manage to combine these two flavors in a unique and surprising e-liquid?

vitruviano s juice positano leaf

Here’s how Positano Leaf is described by the manufacturer:

Walking on the Amalfi Coast. Fine Turkish tobaccos “Izmir” and “Samsun” meet the “lemon delight” embrace the soft sponge cake soak in the hot limoncello syrup and be lulled by the soothing lemon creams. An original and “delicious” Tobacco is born, a Neapolitan Turk.

After this description the desire to savor this liquid becomes bigger and bigger, so we start from the olfactory test. A delicate but at the same time acidulous fragrance is immediately perceived as the unmistakable lemon of the Vitruviano’s juice. Immediately after a creamy note overlooking the acidity of the lemon, I continue my olfactory research and finally I can find that spicy note that is expected from a mixture of oriental tobaccos is well mixed to the creamy part. With these premises I immediately pass the vape test.

delizia limone

The first sensation that comes is that of lemon cream, sweet but wisely balanced by the acidity, non-invasive of lemon, lying on a sponge cake of which you can perceive the delicate notes that do justice to the dessert to which it is inspired. In the heart of the vape test here it is the delicate and spicy flavor of oriental tobacco that tickles the palate accompanying the expiration phase and it is here that we realize how it was used not as a mere addition but as a “spicy condiment” to the ingredients of the cake.

At the end of the vape the sparkling acidity of the lemon that remains in the mouth leaves that feeling of lemon just eaten with its bitter notes. To do the Positano Leaf Vitruviano has made and I quote his words “a reduction of the creamy component to insert the tobacco”.

And they have succeeded creating a liquid where the spicy tobacco part acts as an appearance but does not overpower the delicacy of the recipe making the liquid also suitable for those who, beyond the creaminess, look for tobacco notes in an e-liquid.

positano leaf billet

Suggested dilution: about 33% = add 40 ml of vegetable glycerin to the aroma.

Steeping time: 1-2 gg

ico 4

Pro: Delicate creamy and tobacco taste to the right point. Suitable for everyone even those who do not like tobacco.

Cons: Not suitable for those who expect a taste flavored tobacco flavored. Tobacco is a light dusting added to the recipe.