E-liquid review: Positano (Vitruviano’s juice) Mix Series 60 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Batch: 71M16

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Expiry date: 09/18

Devices: Lost Vape Therion BF + Hadaly atomizer single coil 0.6 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 awg 0.40 mm ) with japanese organic cotton.

The reviews of 2017 begin today with a creamy liquid that Italy does not need any introduction because more than a year ago has captured the taste buds of all or almost all italian vapers: the Positano by Vitruviano’s juice.

As I speak today of Positano, The Flavourist but does not propose you a review of an “old” liquid or proposes you an old review, because Vitruviano’s juice has developed and introduced on the market in the month of December, the Mix Series version of his four e-liquids, in strict accordance with the dictates of TPD and more …


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From the words of the manufacturer, a brief explanation of the new Mix Series line: it is a semi-finished product, the package contains 50 ml of liquid with a high concentration of aroma and requires the addition of 10 ml of the base (supplied separately) to obtain a liquid ready finished 60 ml. Vitruviano’s has provided for three different concentrations of nicotine that will provide a final product, respectively, with nicotine at 3 mg / ml, or 1.5 mg / ml or more in 0 mg / ml.

The bottle containing the e-liquid is transparent PET with closure plug to “screw”, very convenient for the operations of refill or dripping. The broad label extends over almost the entire surface of the bottle, is very clear and rich in all the necessary information starting from the composition of the product, the information on the dangers of the same, up to information relating to the producer; nothing is missing.


As always, I propose the official description of the product:

A trip to the Amalfi Coast through the interpretation of the lemon “delizia”, the sweet Neapolitan classic made of soft sponge cake, hot syrup limoncello and sweet custard.

To smell, Positano leaves emerge unquestionably suffered its elegant features and especially its lemon. There is no doubt that it is a creamy liquid made with lemon, or if you already know there is no doubt that this is precisely the Positano!

We now come to the vape test to check the olfactory experience and the memories of the first Positano vaped some time ago.

Test in bottom feeder with a Hadaly with resistance from 0.6 ohms to dare something more in terms of watt given the new composition of 70/30 Vitruviano’s. Here are the first puffs of the new Positano. Although I know the first version e-liquid amazement embraced me giving me a smile of pure pleasure. The lemon “delizia” in version clouds of steam, as the manufacturer likes to tell himself, is unmistakable!

The lemon “delizie” are a sweet typical lemon of Sorrento peninsula, created by pastry chef Carmine Sorrentino Marzuillo in 1978, and re-proposed and played by the most famous Italian confectioners and not. The lemon delights are the domes of sponge cake stuffed with lemon cream, pour the syrup made with limoncello, and covered with a delicate citrus glaze. A true marriage of flavors and fragrances to make anyone fall in love with the taste for the first time.


Similarly, and with absolute fidelity to the sweet Naples, Positano is wonderful sensory experience, and in its new version, the Mix Series, is even rounder and softer than the first version without losing anything in terms of aroma. In inhaling the lemon cream welcomes your palate so delicate and superfine. The breath is always warm and cozy because the cream leaves perceive the background notes just mentioned of a typical homemade limoncello the best tradition of the Sorrento peninsula.

Lemon, key ingredient of Positano, clearly emerges from the first breath, never prevail and overwhelm the entire aromatic structure of this fine establishment. The lemon is a unique example in a sumptuous custard ready to turn to stuff a soft and rich sponge cake. The notes of this sponge also dosed with extreme care, are clearly demonstrated in the phase of exhalation. It even manages to perceive the presence of eggs in the dough. How tasty! And at the end of vaping, the aromatic persistence on the palate it has a pleasant unparalleled: like having just finished enjoy a real treat with lemon!

The entire vape is pure pleasure of the senses, the naturalness of this liquid, daughter of the creative genius of pastry Luigi D’Alessandro & C., comforted by the use of ingredients of the highest quality extracts (to understand “organic” ), it is extremely high and utterly satisfying. The aromas, the freshness and flavors of one of the most famous lands in the world and enclosed in a liquid-full of charm, out of time and fashion.

Positano is a timeless recipe.

A Positano is forever …

ico 5

Pro: The real Neapolitan Lemon “delizia” in version clouds of steam!

Contro: –