E-liquid review: Pralines & Cream – Future (Perino London) 30ml

Batch: mPC303

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: 31/04/2018

Devices: Rx200 + DXK DDP rda 0,21 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Almost by chance I review today Pralines & Cream Line Future by Perino London. It ‘a product that I had under my nose for many months, but only now I have decided to purchase and … review! As you can imagine, among the many products that we test in The Flavourist week, an e-liquid from the name Pralines & Cream … it is not the best inspiration.

Yet, The Flavourist has gained some respect for the production of this brand. Perino London is a writer who never goes unnoticed. His recipes are never granted and the level of quality, reflected in past reviews, now feeds my expectations. Pralines & Cream … I wonder what I missed until now !?

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As you can see from the picture, the bowl of Pralines & Cream has a pleasant minimalist coolness. What you can not notice is the presence of tactile warning label for the blind and other info on security. Perino London it’s an English brand, but all the information on the pack is in Italian. Of note, the words “Contains Nicotine EC200-193-3. Not all do. Even in the description of the ingredients is mentioned the degree UPS / EP of nicotine and propylene glycol and EP / BP glycerin.


In Italian is also the description of Pralines & Cream 30ml bottle on this:

Spare crunchy praline pecans with vanilla ice cream.

Simple and effective description. How often appeals to many. The sniff test, also for the simplicity of the recipe proposed by Perino London, reveals only a swinging creamy frame between the light scent of vanilla and … the aromatic charge of pecan nut harmonized by a pleasant and strong caramel. A light touch of pyrazine seems perceptible. Notes of brown sugar are mixed in distinct creaminess of Pralines & Cream. These should simulate the roasting of the pecan nut. A building, olfactory level, trivial. Inviting but … not unusual of course. The vanilla ice cream, your nose is still a mirage.

Butter Pecan

None of this discouraged by me, indeed! It ‘obvious that it is a simple recipe. It will be the quality of the ingredients and their ability to simulate what promised to be the subject of this review. All Future line by Perino London has simple recipes. The real peculiarity is that this line is made based VG 70% – 30% PG. The famous line Perino London, where also appeared refined and unusual ingredients, was made based VG 50% – 50% PG. In my hands I still … the Future!

The vape test. It’s wise to limit the air flow and not to exaggerate with the power. From the first I noticed puffs, with powers greater than 45w, a flat taste and too hot. Vape it is nice, but nothing that manages to surprise us. The pecan nut is the main note, well decorated with a creamy and not too significant caramel glazes. Unfortunately, nothing that can actually simulate a vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is mainly perceptible in the tail of aromatic persistence expressed by Pralines & Cream.



Overall we talk about an e-liquid pleasing in dripping. Shady and not too sweet. Just this leads us away from the description. It would have sufficed greater expressiveness of “vanilla ice cream” to improve the perceived. The praline with pecans, caramel and among other gimmicks, deserves … but not enough to take particular satisfaction. Remember some old sweet tabaccosi who used derives its caramel and pecans to frame one  masculine vape.

pecan praline

Actually, just about the praline pecan, glazes perceive light reminiscent of chocolate. Nothing obvious. Nothing rich or elegant. And ‘this one of those cases where the simplicity, rather than be an occasion to express great quality ingredients, it’s just … simple. A simplicity that can bore, but that I am sure will appeal to many. I wanted to do a quick test of Bellus (atomizer RTA) is I have to admit that the perceived aroma improves. The taste is more rounded.

ico 3

Pro: Good, but not enough to amaze us.

Cons: The vanilla ice cream is not well reproduced. Perhaps this is the main flaw of this recipe.