Name: Profile 1.5 RDA (Wotofo) – Atomizer – received by the manufacturer

Type: RDA Atomizer with BF pin

Colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Gold, Blue, Rainbow

Price: ~ € 30

Discovering Profile 1.5, the upgrade of the most famous Wotofo dripper

Wotofo is an Asian manufacturer well-known within the hard vapers community for its some particularly innovative, high-performance atomizers with an excellent commercial success in recent years. But if I had to choose the atom that best represents the qualities of this manufacturer, I would certainly say the Profile RDA. And today I’m here to talk to you about the upgrade that Wotofo has made for its best dripper, the Profile 1.5 RDA, also in this circumstance made in collaboration with the youtuber Mr. Justight 1.

Let’s start as usual by looking at the content of the package.


1 x Profile 1.5 RDA
1 x User manual
1 x Extra drip tip
1 x Bending tool
1 x Accessory bag
1 x Allen key
1 x Cross head screwdriver
3 x Thick X-fiber 6 mm cotton strip
1 x nexMESH CHILL A1 0.15 ohm
1 x nexMESH TURBO A1 0.13 ohm
1 x nexMESH EXTREME A1 0.16 ohm


The atomizer is made of stainless steel with a gold-plated pin (the manufacturer does not provide information on the type of steel and on the gold plating). The build quality appears very good, perfectly in line with Wotofo’s productions and in general with the recent creations by the most famous Chinese manufacturers on the market. I did not find any type of defect or manufacturing inaccuracy and also the choice to have replaced the double o-ring on the deck with a single one thicker o-ring, further improved the removal of the top cap from the deck without compromise its correct seal.

Aesthetically, on the outside the Profile 1.5 it’s quit similar to its older brother, except in the structure of the airflow; the big difference is in the airflow now made up of two blocks of 10 holes each arranged in two rows of five (in the previous version the airflow consisted of a beehive structure with 19 small holes). Internally, however, the differences between the first version of Profile and the latter 1.5 are more evident than ever. The deck is much more spacious and therefore houses much more cotton and, consequently, the inside of the top cap has become significantly thinner.

In general I can say that the Profile 1.5 with its clean and classic lines and thanks to the excellent workmanship and the low price, appears a very competitive and attractive product on the market.


Profile 1.5 is a single mesh coil dripper; it has an external diameter of 24mm, while internally the diameter of the deck is 22.5mm. It is 33 mm high and weighs only 34.5 g. The dripper is therefore relatively compact and light compared to the average of its competitors. The parts that compose it are four: deck, atom body, top cap and drip tip.

The most interesting part of Wotofo’s new Profile is undoubtedly the deck which, as mentioned above, has been expanded compared to the original version. The ceramic base that houses the cotton has been enlarged and made with a wave design (and not simply concave), in order to guarantee a better lateral distribution of the liquid. Even the spring under the ceramic base has been replaced by a larger and stiffer one to allow the cotton to be well crushed and to adhere perfectly to the mesh coil. The mesh is tightened by means of a clamp system managed by two cross screws.

The air control system has also been modified on Profile 1.5, and the beehive structure with 19 holes has been replaced by a more classic and probably more airy solution (judging by the size of the individual holes) of 10 holes (arranged on two rows) for each of the two air inlet sides. It is possible to use the airflow of Profile 1.5 with different combinations of hole opening. Starting from the “completely closed” air position and turning the top cap clockwise, the holes will first open vertically from right to left until reaching the “completely open” position; therefore, continuing to rotate clockwise, the holes in the upper row will begin to close one at a time, then move on to closing the holes in the lower row until they return to the “completely closed” air position. The combinations are really numerous even if perhaps the vertical hole opening / closing option seems not very useful and functional.

The last component of Wotofo’s Profile 1.5 RDA is the 810 drip tip supplied in two versions: a higher one and a second lower. Both tips have a 9mm diameter hole. As much as I imagine there are vaper who like so much smaller drip tips, I found the higher tip more practical, comfortable and functional.


Profile 1.5, like its big brother and in general all RDA mesh systems, is an atomizer designed and intended for advanced users. The more experienced vaper will have no difficulty in building this atomizer, but it must be said that it is still a system that requires much more attention and meticulousness than other classic systems.

Wotofo included in the package all three types of mesh strips designed for this device. The strips are 17 x 8.5 mm, slightly wider than the first Profile version; for this reason, perhaps, the owners of the original Profile will turn up their nose a little in realizing that they probably cannot use their old meshes on Profile 1.5.

Before placing the mesh on the atomizer it is necessary to wind it on the bending tool supplied to give it a semi-spherical shape. Once this is done, you can proceed with its positioning and tightening on the deck. The operation is very simple although it is likely that once tightened, the mesh will have to be slightly shaped to give it as precise as possible an arched shape. At this point it is necessary to initialize the mesh with short and continuous activations at moderate wattages to check and eliminate the presence of any hotspots.

Once the mesh is correctly positioned, it is possible to pass one of the pieces of Wotofo cotton through the mesh strip. The operation is in this case very easy, thanks also to the presence of the spring under the ceramic base which greatly facilitates the placing of the cotton. Once the surplus has been cut, the cotton mustache can be comfortably housed inside the two large juice well.

Finally, particular attention must be paid to spraying cotton with the e-liquid that will be used; to avoid unpleasant dry shoots, the cotton must be thoroughly soaked with liquid before starting to vape.


On the premise that I am a vaper much more specialized in MTL vape, I tested the performance of Profile 1.5 in bottom feeder configuration using all three meshes supplied and I came to the following conclusions:

  • nexMESH CHILL A1 0.15 ohm (indicated vaping range 60-80 watts): it is the mesh most similar to those of the first Profile version and produces a large quantity of thick and fat vapor. The aromaticity is good, the aromatic spectrum quite broad and round and at 60 watt vapor tends to be a cooler vape (especially when compared to the other available meshes).
  • nexMESH TURBO A1 0.13 ohm (indicated vaping range 60-80 watts): also in this case at 60 watts the aroma is full-bodied, round and very aromatic; the vape is warmer than the CHILL mesh and produced huge quantities of dense clouds.
  • nexMESH EXTREME A1 0.16 ohm (indicated vaping range 60-80 watts): in my opinion very similar to the TURBO mesh, perhaps with an even more copious and warmer vapor production. Also in this case, aromatically speaking, the performances are really very good even if, for my personal tastes, the temperatures are perhaps too high.

Ultimately, the Profile 1.5 has outstanding performances for a real satisfactory cloud chasing vape. The aroma is always full bodied and tends to be fat and sweet, making it perfect for creamy recipes in which the sugar components are rightly emphasized. The only caveat: be ready to squonk or drip with a certain frequency because the e-juice consumption is exorbitant.


Wotofo brought some interesting improvements to its most successful atom and therefore for cloud chasing lovers, with Profile 1.5 there will certainly be great satisfactions.

Recommended to: Hardcore vapers.

  • 10/10
    In the Box - 10/10
  • 8.5/10
    Design & Build Quality - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Features - 8.5/10
  • 7/10
    Coiling, WIcking and Filling - 7/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performances and Flavour - 8.5/10

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