Name: Profile Unity RTA (Wotofo) – Atomizer – received by Wotofo

Type: RTA Atomizer

Colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Rainbow, Gun Metal, S.S

Price: ~ € 40

Profile Unity RTA by Wotofo the evolution continues ..

Wotofo is a Chinese brand that no longer needs an introduction. In recent years it has seen the light of the limelight by producing good-quality atomisers, in particular the company has concentrated on the development of cloud and flavor chasing atomizers. But the desire to innovate has never stopped and it is one, if not the only one, that at the moment offers a different solution on the market than the usual coil that we all know. In fact, through important collaborations, born and established through YouTube, Wotofo, MrJustRight1 and The Vapor Chronicles propose today their version of one of the best sellers of the moment, the Profile, which is revised in RTA version, thus enclosing the mesh of which they are innovators in a tank, which is well suited to those who are not fond of bottom feeders or dripping.

The atom in our possession is therefore the Profile Unity RTA of which we immediately see the contents of the package, always very rich as per the custom of the producer:


1x Profile Unity RTA
1x 5ml Glass Tube
1x 5ml Tube Adapter
1x User Manual
1x Bending Tool
1x Screw Driver
1x bag nexMesh Coil (0.13 ohm)*2
1x bag 6mm Agleted Cotton*1
1x bag Extra Orings & Screws, Springs


The Profile Unity is a 25 mm diameter RTA atomizer built entirely of steel, excluding the tank made of glass and of course the o-rings and the peek insulator.

From our aesthetic point of view, the Unity Profile does not look bad compared to competitors in the sector. The design is very simple and seems to have been studied in a manner congenial to its use, the base is connected to the glass tank and everything is held together by the top cap. Of course the dimensions even in height are not exactly discrete, but neither are they exaggerated at least in the standard configuration. We can certainly say that the general feeling that is transmitted to us at first glance is that of great strength and resistance.

To the well thought-out design and good taste is added a good build quality, for the price range in which this atomizer fits, there are no smudges and defects in workmanship, indeed everything is very clean and the tolerances are very minimal. The orings and the threads have a good hold and allow the whole not to show those annoying empty spaces between one component and the other, surely the result of a good industrial processing.


The Profile Unity is an RTA, as mentioned it is not an extremely compact atomizer, in fact it has a base with a diameter of 25mm for a height of 48.5 mm (obviously excluding pin 510 and the drip tip), all for a total weight of 70 gr, for a total capacity of 3.5 ml. The Profile Unity is composed of few and essential components of the deck, the tank including airflow control and glass tank, the removable top cap for recharging and of course the drip tip.

But let’s get to the most interesting part: the deck. As previously mentioned Wotofo with the Profile series is trying to approach the market with a new idea of ​​coils, in fact the deck has been specifically designed to be used with what the manufacturer defines as mesh coils. In fact it is a metal mesh that carries with it a greater contact surface between itself and the abundant cotton that must be inserted into the deck and this should lead to an increase in aroma on the paper. The deck of the profile is therefore very particular, on both sides there are some screws that must be unscrewed to allow inserting, after correctly bending the mesh through the instrument provided, the “coil” between the two clamping strips. The base of the atomizer has another characteristic: in the central part of the two turrets we find a plastic part that has a spring at its base, this will serve to allow the cotton to adhere perfectly to the whole mesh without the so-called hotspots. Always on the sides we find the cotton trays in which the cotton will be inserted and which has two enormous feeding slits. The air is taken from the sides and therefore there are no air holes in the base.

Since it is an RTA, a glance should also be given to the vaporization chamber which perfectly matches the bell with the slightly pyramidal internal shape slightly flared in connection with the chimney, we will almost say a classic solution. The air is controlled by a ring that allows to cut the 5 holes on the side of the tank. These are placed on the same line of resistance so the air entering hits the mesh from the sides vaporizing the liquid which will then rise through the bell to reach us. The AFC is very precise and it is possible to perceive the different variations with respect to the setting set, going from a very open shot to an almost choked shot with a single open hole.


The regeneration operation of the Profile Unity does not present great difficulties, certainly we certainly find some differences with the classic coil turned on the tip, in fact here we will have to fold the mesh with the appropriate tool insert it into the side strips. Topping is very simple if you use the cotton that is supplied which is already the right size and has a comfortable tip for insertion. We recommend that newbies use this cotton even in subsequent regenerations. It is important to pay attention to the cut of the cotton which must be about 45 degrees to avoid it being too pressed on the bell. Once inserted and cut correctly it will be sufficient to place the whole in the tanks on the sides, very large and comfortable, being careful to remove the excess, avoiding blocking the slits for the flow of the liquid.

If, however, there are doubts, Wotofo has included all the images and instructions necessary for optimal regeneration in his user manual.


We say the Profile Unity without too many spins is a performing and satisfying atom.

This is due to its characteristics, first of all the new mesh with tighter meshes and very reactive, which combined with the large presence of cotton and therefore a great capacity for vaporization is able to return a very faithful and very full-bodied aroma. The feeding if well cotonato does not present any criticality, the cotton needs several ml for a good initialization in which you will notice an anomalous consumption of liquid but once left the consumptions will stabilize, sure it is certainly not a pod mod. The shot is very fluid and in our opinion it has been designed to be used with an all-open air that allows a fat and copious vaporization.

The performances are excellent with a great variety of liquids, obviously this type of atomizers is thought for a very specific liquid park that tend to exclude the extracted tobaccos, but that surely nobody forbids to try.

We have carried out several vape tests with the Profile Unity reaching the following final report:

  • A with creamy liquids;
  • A with fruity and sweet mixes;
  • A with fruity and mentholated mixes;
  • B with creamy synthetic tobaccos;
  • B with fruity synthetic tobaccos;

To synthesize, precisely because of the fact that it is an RTA that returns a dense, greasy and moist vapor, are the sweet liquids, from the creamy to the fruity, to find their maximum expression within this atomizer.


Good construction quality, a functional and solid design, combined with a great capacity for aromatic restitution, are the unique features of this atomizer, which manages to perform the task for which it was designed in a truly brilliant manner. An atom that allows you to enjoy a good open flavor flavor with the convenience of the tank and a truly excellent aromatic yield. Really well done!

Recommended to: Newbies vapers.

  • 9/10
    In the Box - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Design & Build Quality - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Features - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Coiling, WIcking and Filling - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Performances and Flavour - 9/10


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