Protector Decima Eliquid Elite line – Review


Today I come back and I’m ready to talk you again about the Italian manufacturer Decima Eliquid who has been operating in the inhalation liquid sector for several years and has been able to conquer the palate of many vapers thanks to some creations of absolute value. How can we forget, for example, the Abduction and Cannolo di Sicilia e-liquids awarded between 2017 and 2018 respectively as the best fruity e-liquid and the best creamy of our peninsula.

Thanks to these two e-juices and many other excellent products, the Sicilian company has gained in recent years the reputation of a company specializing in gourmand e-liquids with highly sought-after recipes and an intense taste, ideal for the palates of vaper lovers of flavor chasing and more generally of tasty creamy and fruity blends.

But perhaps not everyone knows that Decima has always manufactured classic tobacco e-liquids since its inception. And just recently the Sicilian manufacturer has created a new line called Elite, characterized by five aromas, four of which are tobacco-based and designed to be used mainly on user-friendly and non-rebuildable systems.

Decima Eliquid Protector linea Elite packaging


The Elite line is marketed in the 10 + 10 format, i.e. inside 20 ml PET bottles containing 10 ml of aroma to be completed with a base of 10 ml of vegetable glycerol. At the discretion of the customer the possibility to choose his preferred concentration of nicotine which, according to the laws in force, cannot in any case exceed 10 mg/ml.

Let’s start to discover the products of the Decima Elite line by reviewing today for you the Protector aroma, as described on the official website of the manufacturer:

Blend with a rich and important aromatic bouquet, it is a blend of tobaccos whose hints of caramel, vanilla, hay, spices blend with admirably harmony.


I begin Protector smell examination and immediately discover an aroma with an unmistakably tobacco tone and an intense and marked perfume. To my nose Protector denotes a very penetrating scent and also quite articulate and complex, in short, not easy to decipher. Precisely for this reason I delay several minutes before trying to summarize my personal perceptions relating to Protector.

In my opinion, it is the scents of hay that characterize this smell test more than any other, flanked and supported by spicy insertions and probably by a hint of caramel, which however tends to get lost among the meanders of the massive tobacco component and also inside of a slightly alcoholic background.

With a smell test so rich in inputs, I just have to discover the characteristics of Protector while vaping.

caramello in pentola


Devices: Quawins Vstick Pro DS coil 1.35 ohm + Svoëmesto Kayfun Lite 2019 RTA 24 mm single coil 0,9 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Fiber N’ Cotton.

Vstick Pro sigaretta elettronica con filtro    Kayfun Lite 2019 diametro 24 mm

For the Protector review we decided to use one of the most popular entry level pod mods of the moment, the Vstick Pro by Quawins and the German rebuildable atomizer from Svoëmesto, the Kayfun Lite 2019 in the 24 mm version.

On vape Protector shows without hesitation its status as a true tobacco product, but I do not hide from you that, as intuited by the smell, it is not an easy to understand this product. In fact, it is not easy to identify all the individual components of its bouquet, which appears very amalgamated right from the inspiration. The dominant aromatic note of Protector, however, is undoubtedly that attributable to straw and dry hay; this is the leitmotif of Decima’s new creation.

Balle di fieno

The puff is dry and firm, I am in front of an almost old-fashioned tobacco e-juice. Why do I say so? Because it is increasingly common in the field of tobacco e-liquids (whether extracted or synthetic) to find so-called “flavored” products on the market that very often have a very little tobacco component. Market needs? An expedient to address the tobacco lovers on creamy e-liquids?

In the case of Protector there is no doubt about it, it is a real tobacco aroma, built on a dry and hay base, enriched with other interesting aromatic components. In fact, in the central phases of the puff, the liquid tends to appear slightly rounder and is enriched with vaguely spicy nuances that drag on to the final phase of the puff, during the exhalation together with a woody background that never leaves your palate.

Tabacco red Virginia e Cavendish

Protector is certainly a very rich blend but in my opinion not very multifaceted; it is a very well blended e-liquid, perhaps too much, and for this characteristic it is never easy to be able to identify and clearly perceive all the ingredients within it, except for the hay base.

And if it is true that at times the mix may seem a bit confused and perhaps overly ambitious, it is equally true that it does not lose its deeply tobacco character, and is more than ever satisfying on the palate of all those who are looking for a product that can bring to mind the sensations of the true taste of tobacco. Dry, penetrating and analogic, that’s Protector.


The great advantage of Protector is that it does not hide, as on the contrary many of its competitors’ products do, in tobacco disguise. He is a true classic tobacco aroma and although its bouquet appeared to me in some moments too rich in aromatic inputs, it proved to be a valid and satisfying all day with a medium intense and strong taste.

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Suggested dilution: 50%

Steeping time: ready to vape

The Flavourist voto 3.5

Pro: Uncompromising tobacco e-juice with an intense and satisfying flavor 

Cons: Complex tobacco blend that is not easy to understand

Decima Eliquid logo

Name and Format: Protector (Decima) – Concentrated flavor 10 ml

Batch: n.d

Used Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry Date: n.d