Base used: 50/50
Nicotine: 0mg/ml (0%)

Devices: Magma atomizers (coil 0,6 ohm) with Japanese organic cotton.

Continuing our journey through the Italian concentrates scenario, this is Puffetta’s time by Lord Hero Special Organic Mix.
I’m not digressing about the how-tos and infos regarding concentrates, since you know them well and they have been restlessly repeated. 10ml bottle, containing the aroma, at 10% according to producer.
The house website also suggests the dilution ideal way, 1ml of aroma in 9ml of base. I bought this aroma in Italy the 20th of December, entirely mixed in a 90ml, 50/50, 0mg nicotine base and left to steep until today, though I sampled it just 10 minutes after preparation. Unfortunately I cannot describe the original version as I don’t have it with me anymore, but just the diluted aroma.


The scent we can hint at first is a mix of apricot and aniseed, if you smell it straight from the bottleneck, but if you let some air pervade through it, you can just feel the apricot. For vaping I’m using a Magma RDA with a 0.6 coil and cotton on a variable voltage box to better get the flavours at various temperatures, as producer suggests, trying to fidget around with wattage. Helping the vaping check, on the house website we can find this Puffetta description:

“A mix of a slightly fresh apricot, spicy, with a hint of zest given from wild “berries”… surrounding sweet fruits which get softened by citrus!
You will basically feel a fruity mix where all flavours surround on the inhale a “sweet and soft” apricot with wild berries, blueberries and caramel hints… still a bizarre, yet delicious mix…ideal to vape all day.”

I have to say that the apricot, smellwise, is popping out, though I’m not a fruit lover, I never despised apricot flavours, unfortunately (literally) “killed” by these “spices” and the fruit jumble chucked in this aroma, like the “berries” (which I’m still wondering why was the word in quotes…do I have to worry? Or are these the Smurfberries which the Smurfs were nuts about?) citrus and… caramel.

Packaging: the Puffetta packaging is similar to all other Lord Hero Special Organic mix ones, 10ml glass bottle, without any child safety cap, drop-shaped pipette.
You can recognise Peyo’s Smurfette (Puffetta in Italian, hence the name) on a dusky violet background, but apart from this, no other informations. The liquid colour is a navy blue, which gets lighter while diluted. Cheap-looking, as usual.

Vaping check: the description promise on the website has, in a way, moved some expectations: the “sweet and soft” apricot (which I have no clue about what can this mean…but I’ll take it positively), the zest feeling given by blueberries, wild berries hints, and… caramel. I dripped some drops and the liquid heating seemed fine, just apricot, no more no less. At first puff the apricot gets spicy…maybe too much from something which seems aniseed, instantly killing the aroma and gets all the other flavours confused in a “feeling-not-feeling” mix, where caramel isn’t really coming out.
Trying to lower the voltage and vaping it at “colder” temperatures, the citrus mix has a sense, but the problem lies beneath the “fresh” hint which gets accentuated and sweeps off all the magic that came out, as mentioned earlier, in mixing such a delicate fruit with citrus and wild berries. It’s in fact a bizarre mix, but not in a good way. Raising the wattage the situation gets worse, apricot disappears and caramel rises mixing disastrouly with the “fresh” element, definitely to NOT vape at high temperatures but to keep on a medium scale to fully enjoy the liquid, which remains very dull anyway. It differs from Trilly just for the apricot presence, but for the rest it’s still the same jumble mix without any meaning and even worse dosed, where this aniseed and mint feeling ruins the rest. Obviously I can’t discuss on the fact that someone might like it, but if you’re fruit lovers, for the pure sake of fruit, it’s absolutely a must-avoid.

Smoke: thick and hefty.

Recommended dilution: 10%

Steeping time: 15 days minimum.

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