E-liquid review: Punch (Turbo) 60ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: none

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 80VG – 20PG

Expiry date: none

Devices: Rx200 + Shingen rda dualcoil 0,18 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Russia does not escape the attentions of The Flavourist. The quest for world-class excellence, dedicated to our readers, will lead us (talking about Russian products) to investigate the productions of two brands in the short term. We hope soon to be able to include in our reviews, more and more brands of this origin. We will start today with Turbo. The e-liquid object of today’s review is Punch.

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It is essential for The Flavourist to report the characteristics of the product packaging. Newly introduced European standards (long-awaited), sterile controversy aside, are intended to offer the consumer greater guarantees. Guarantees on product safety and quality.

20170630 090554 01

Turbo product packaging is not in line with the TPD, but in its own way, the label shows (in Russian) sufficient safety information. I’m not unlucky to have classic icons about the potentially dangerous product. The true painful note, which does not comply with European normative standards and is “good sense”, is related to the characteristics of the 60ml bottle (with a 3-mg / ml liquid nicotine degree). The flask is in Pet of Acidic Green color. Intriguing the label contradicted by a colorful illustration. The cap of the classic dripping pipette, though equipped with a child proof system, on all the samples supplied by the manufacturer, suffers from copious liquid leakage. It is badly screwed and the product (containing nicotine) is dispersed from the threads and the apex of the pipette. No icon and no tactile badge for the safety of blind friend.

Turbo describes Punch:

Удар банановой гильотины от гангстеров овсяного поколения.

The fist of bananas and oats of new generation bandits.

Olfactory examination is brilliant and inviting, although the basic elements of this recipe (as suggested by the producer’s description) seem simple. A biscuit body strengthens the notes of oats. More like a generic cereal aroma actually. A surreal aroma of banana infuses the olfactory experience, great creaminess, largely influenced by distinct and distinctive notes of common and quirky vanilla. A scent that curiously invites you to the tasting.

At the vape test, Punch looks nice. The aspirations reveal its simplicity, but not taste. A soft, structured taste and not too sweet. If the producer’s intention was to recall a breakfast, I think the aromatic expressiveness of the Punch recipe is well aligned with a cup of milk, bananas and oatmeal. Nothing more. Milk (not aromatically present) is however suggested by the creaminess with which fruit (banana) and cereal are bound in the mix. Banana oat porridge.

cinnamon and banana porridge 93067 1

The simple profile of the cereal aroma, it seems to remind the oats. This rebalances the fancy dress chosen by the manufacturer for the banana aroma. A good dose of vanilla … saves the overall taste by making it inviting and … digestible. As the vaporization powers vary, Punch inevitably changes its aromatic profile, while never betraying the expectations described by the manufacturer. Tail notes can keep you well-tied, without an ingredient bothering each other. The aromatic persistence is pleasing. Punch is a product that does not tire. Honest … in its extreme simplicity.

fiocchi di avena

In conclusion, I would like to return to the information provided on the label by the manufacturer. Information that, as is obvious to The Flavorist, I have been disturbed to translate in their entirety. In all e-liquid Turbo labels this paragraph is reported: Time will come, and the world will change to such a point that it will not be easy to unload in the premises. The true vaper will soon be satisfied with just one liquid. Turbo-muck!

An apocalyptic view that seems to want to deprive Turbo productions of a wider panorama of choice. Is a reminder perhaps for simplicity? Actually, Punch’s recipe does not seem to fit with the times … and its packaging is totally inadequate. Its defects to the detriment of consumer safety are for us unforgivable. It is a question of “common sense” as said. We hope that a brand that wants to look to the European market, to adapt to the product and packaging, solving some of the penalizing aspects. My final judgment is strongly (and negatively) influenced by this aspect. Too bad.


ico 2

Pro: Simple but well-made recipe.

Cons: Taste not exhilarating. Insufficient packaging.