Attitude Vape

E-liquid review: Punk (Attitude Vapes) 30 ml – received by the producer

Batch: 250184

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 40% VG – 60% PG

Expiry date: may 2018

Devices: IPV Mini v2 + Tobh Atty dual coil 0,32 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg)  with japanese organic cotton.

Punk is the new icon of Attitude Vapes ready to be reviewed by The Flavourist. In the next weeks we are reviewing their entire line to find out more closely the characteristics of an eclectic and emerging brand made in UK.

Punk Attitude Vapes

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An original fruity e-liquid whose ingredients presented by Attitude vapes are:

Pink Apple, Exotic Mango, Tropical Guava.

Punk – A rogue geezer who likes nothing more than shoving two fingers up at the establishment. His vape of choice is an exotically juicy, apple, mango and guava infusion, a perfect all day vape. You might think this isn’t so punk, but that’s the point! Get it?

PunkThat’s all.
Well. If you love the fruity and refined tastes, there seem to be here all the right ingredients. Notes that emerge from an examination of olfactory Punk do not hide the fruity character of the recipe. Smell emerges energetic scent of mango that pushes all other fruits in an intense, but soft, exotic fragrance. A lot of concentration is required to be able to isolate the notes of each fruit. The Pink Apple (actually called Pink Pearl) has many features similar to the aroma of guava, although it is very different fruits. The olfactory impression alloy Punk of Attitude with a hint of an exotic juice undoubtedly.


If the mango did not need an introduction, it is worth spending a few words about the other two ingredients. Certainly not common for us Italians and who knows what for the British. Needless to say that I was particularly impressed by the choice and the combination of these fruits with the punk world puzzles me. Incidentally, this perplexity, is already expected from the description made by the brand on its website.

The Pink Pear (Apple) is a variety of apple whose cultivation originated in California in 1944 for Albert Etter hand. Her pink flesh color-alloy meat with a pale green skin and pale pink flowers. It has a bitter taste, but sweet and sweet at the same time and is preferred in some American provinces for the topping with the famous Apple Pie.


Guava is a fruit typical of Hawaii and has a yellow or green skin usually wrinkled. The flesh may be white, yellow, pink or salmon-colored lights. Guava there are more than 150 species! The flowers are usually white. The pulp of the fruit is rich in seeds and its flavor is bittersweet tending to acid. The Guava reserves often floral nuances in taste and smell very attractive and sophisticated cut.


Just these floral notes combine with those of Pink Apple making incisive bouquet, acrid, very exotic in combination with spicy mango scent. Ok. I go ahead and pass the test of vaping!

Mango and guava dominate the tasting with a natural and strong taste. The pink apple remains in the background and appears to favor the mix between the two protagonists fruits of this recipe. The Mango is not sweet in this mix, while being very fragrant and present as fruity top note.

Acidic fruit glazes and more floral notes build a very interesting recipe from the aromatic point of view. Though this is also present rather soft if vaped at the correct power. Medium-low. But then where is this Punk !? I know it.


The character and impetuous style, aggressive, biting and screaming emerges breaking the rules. The acidity distorts the flavor if too hot and this is the key to reading Punk Attitude vapes. Distortion! It increases power and see the soul Punk that can arise in every man! Behold, the Guava, from that feminine floral scent that was, suggests anarchy and disintegration vibrant. Finally Punk. Ready for the revolution against a floral system, weak in its elegance, detached from the people and an emerging young generation. Exactly like it was from the mid-70s.

ico 3

Pro: There hides his secret by showing the two faces of England which was the dawn of the punk revolution.

Cons: We have to be rude to discover his true Punk character. The distortion of the gaming system … fruity and floral.