madhatter logoE-liquid review: Purple – linea ADE (Mad Hatter Juice) 60 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: max VG

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Expiry date: 11/2017

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf plus 220w + Recoil RDA dual coil 0.25 ohm (SS316L 24 awg 0.50 mm ) with Native Wicks cotton.

Oh my dear vaper friends that in these days have fallen in love with the warm summer sun while the sea echoes placid and inviting, the reading we propose today is more than ever appropriate to the current season. Directly from California, from the City of Angels, we present the company Mad Hatter Juice, which many of you will already know, and specifically we talk about the ADE line.

Three e-Liquids specially created for summer, in max VG for a world of clouds (as the manufacturer tells us): Blue, Purple and Red.

The bottles in our possession are Unicorn 60 ml bottles in PET with 0 nicotine. Brilliant, young and colorful labels for a lively and carefree impact. The information and recommendations that are given here are quite slim, and the typical warnings of the products made in California are not lacking. We have no idea how this line is marketed in Italy and Europe. We will update you as soon as we know more information.

GroupProduct ADE

The ADEventure begins with the Purple e-liquid:

Purple ADE, a signature grape flavor with the sweet refreshing taste you would expect from the juiciest California grapes.

On the smell, Purple has a sharp scent of grapes, or rather a typical grape flavor, not particularly sweet, probably due to the presence of light notes of lime that alleviate its sweetness, making it a whole, energetic and vigorous product. The scent also features hints of cherry, a sort of aromatic reinforcement, for a perceived overall that goes away from the product tracks that are faithful to its description and which consequently also loses naturally taste. But believe me I’ve felt worse.

The general stamp, typical of overseas products, created with great aromatic strength for an exaggerated, fun and high density of clouds, is nevertheless pleasing to some extent because the nose is not too sweet and makes it very inviting when the seasonal heat is too strong. Let’s try this Purple!

The chosen configuration allows me to quickly test this e-liquid with generous powers. The first puffs around the 90 watts confirm me that this e-liquid has been created for a powerful, cuddly, and compulsive use, it works well without distortion even when the internal temperatures of the atomizer tend to rise. Purple’s aromatic load is important and manifests itself with every puff. Inspired by a vigorous and artificial grape taste, the scene is peremptorily transferred to the taste buds with a vague memory of strawberry grapes, more easily like the chewingum, gummy and confectionery products with the distinctive blue-purple color.
grape juice

It’a easily recognizable the typical wide-ranging and pleasant grape aroma of the Anglo-Saxon culture; It is inspired by California’s red grapes but its flavor does not have a real look in nature. Perhaps also for this reason, its degree of appreciation in the Mediterranean area is rather low. Even though it should be said that the vaping is drawing an ever closer approach of our tastes to those of North American culture.

PurpleAde grape

In Purple, there are clear assonances with a Canadian liquid reviewed by The Flavourist, but they are profoundly different, despite the sharing of some ingredients. Although its “synthetic” nature is clear, the aroma of grapes combined with the acidity of the lime is appreciated for its aromatic impact. In the heart of the puff the liquid invigorates further reinforced by clear cherry notes that add a bitter to the whole mix. Sucralose is entrusted with the task of rounding down and mitigating the acidity of the acidic ingredients.

Finally, in exhalation, a slight hint of koolada completes the Purple compositional framework and thus delineates a kind of fresh and summer energizing beverage with good post-flavored aromatic persistence.

Authentic Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub Ohm Tank

Is it a real grape juice? Is it a generic juice mix of fruits? Is it a soft long drink? Sincerely nothing of all this. It is difficult to classify the result that emerges from the wicker union of a trio of synthetic taste aromas. The sensation is to be in front of a kind of juice of syrupy aromatized syrup.

A Redbull Grape Juice!
Fresh grape juice

Is the idea intrigued you? I do not exclude it, indeed I am convinced that many vapers will appreciate this powerful, brilliant and energetic summer e-juice. Simple, with a great impact and so refreshing.

Although Purple is not ungraceful, it does not offer significant aromatic notes; the aromas appear unnatural, and despite the classic contrast between acid and sweet, the final result is free of aromatic facets. It appears a little monotonous.
ico 2

Pro: A powerful summer juice with refreshing sensation.

Cons: A liquid with an unnatural taste.