E-liquid review: Purple Bear (Rope Cut) 60ml received by the producer

Batch: none

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: none

Devices: Rx200 + Velocity mini clapton dualcoil 0,42 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 ga+ 32ga) with japanese organic cotton.

From the Canadian brand Rope Cut, we received Purple Bear. An e-liquid dedicated to the world of gummy candies with the shape of a bear. Do not pretend never to have seen or eat it! Maybe you’re madly in love … in fact, Rope Cut has decided to create a mini line, the OG Bear Juice, dedicated to cute little bear. Two e-liquid that we will recede from today.

Purple Bear Rope Cut

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Purple Bear description:

Feeling nostalgic for your favorite childhood gummy candy? Introducing the newest and tastiest gummy bear e-juice flavors, feel like a kid again, cavity free! Purple Bear is a perfectly juicy grape flavored gummy bear candy.

In short … today we will reconsign a Purple Bear (Purple Bear) for true enthusiasts.

The aesthetic of the design of the Purple Bear’s 60ml bottle and bottle is pleasing. The European market interest for this Canadian brand is high. As you can see on their site ( there is a section “TPD Ready”. All products destined for the European market are in line with European directives. Great.

The olfactory exam immediately ripped off a smile. For emerging olfactory notes, but also for the simplicity of Purple Bear’s aromatic construction. To the smell, the apparent unique noticeable note is represented by an intense aroma of red grapes exalted by an intense sweetness that does not lack a slight acid nuance. All pretty well aligned with what one could expect from a product inspired by the gummy gums we all know.


bear candy

I realized a simple dual coil on Velocity mini (atom rda) sure to be able to push this e-liquid to medium-high powers. The dream of every cloud chaser … vaporize gummy Purple Bear. The aromatic impact of Purple Bear on vaporization is immediate. Simpatic, funny, ridiculous … childish. Yet … very monothematic. The synthetic grape flavor is of good quality. An aroma that we know well in the world of whipping, but also for having consumed chewing gum so aromatized, like hundreds of confectionery products especially intended for children. It has always been the grape aroma to be used for this kind of flavoring. Whether alone or combined (often) with other aromas such as fruit trees. An aroma that now escapes any natural aromatic connotation. More than being associated with grapes, it is comparable to a sugar must and slightly red grape must.


I want to consider it. In America, Canada, the grape aroma certainly has a different appeal than we do in Europe. Most likely, in a narrower sense, the gummy style in the e-liquid in Italy does not have much to say. Yet gummy candies are also very popular with us. Make us the case … the aromatizations that we mainly remember (from Italians) are those with red fruits, lemon, licorice and coquette. The grape-like aroma, so simple and basic, escapes our culture. It does not involve us, perhaps even culturally.


Purple Bear is said to be very nice and destined for such lovers or those who want to give up a return to childhood. But … is it really like these gummy candies? I support no. In the perceived absence there would be some basic velvets that would mention the gum arabic. An almost insignificant, empty flavor of the gum arabic, but I find it irreplaceable to recall a gummy candy … whatever is the main flavoring chosen. Arabic gum is an aromatic thickener and enhancer that, in the field of food recipes, avoids the crystallization of sugars. It is extracted from two species of sub-Saharan acacia and tells the truth that it is also used in fields other than food.


But this choice of Rope Cut may well be justified in the vaporization temperatures of an e-liquid of this kind. True – I just said that gum arabic, its almost insatiable aroma, seems to be missing in Purple Bear. What I did not say, however, is that, usually, products that contain this aroma, associated with fruity aromas, at high temperature regimes, return aromatic distortions that make the fruity notes associated with it almost unrecognizable. Purple Bear, on the other hand, is showing impeccable – in this sense – with powers above the 75w.

At 80w, its aromatic structure strengthens. As if the warmth of the atom played, in this case, an important role in the aromatic yield of a liquid that would remind us of tartar-shaped gums … with grape aroma. Will it be more fun than high power? Let’s say that being a tenacious grape aroma … there is little to ruin. That’s … a little warmer, a little shady and less lively. Always and only grape flavor.

It is very difficult for me to imagine Purple Bear as an e-liquid all day. In my case, I have experienced pleasant moments of compulsive dissipation, greater care and irresistible desire to play with steam circles. But then, if you let me, I finished the review, spent the fun, I give up on my day.

ico 2

Pro: A quality product though too simple to inspire a credible experience related to what the manufacturer described.

Cons: The only grape flavor is not enough to recall a gummy bear. So much to be inspired … anything that can be flavored with aroma grape.