Concentrated flavour review: Purple (ToB) 10 ml


Expiry date:01/2018

Base: 50 PG – 50 VG

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Devices: RX200 + Shingen  spaced dual coil 0,32 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) con cotone organico giapponese.

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Years ago the world saw in the aromas of vape a clever solution to live their passion. First were the large liquid brands are ready to provide the version of “aroma” of their major products. The result was never equal to the original. Later it was time to “flavoring ingredient” that allowed the vaper to express their creativity or chase recipes reinterpreted clones so not always effective. So it was that the “do you do” is imposed on the liquid ready – so it was at least in Italy. A fun practice, entrusted to the personal inspiration, but it has not caught on much longer. All aromatic limits, related to the outcome or the goodness of the ingredients flavors, emerged. There is much to discuss in that regard.

Today the interest of vaper seems to be back on first liquid. On the expectation of a perfect recipe and ready – at any cost – but that does not force us to procure a variety of flavors, making attempts … to suffer setbacks and waste resources. The Flavourist also exists for this. The brands that today continue to operate, even in a non-exclusive, relating to flavorings, know they have to focus on quality … invest in the production of an aroma exposes them to many risks.


The aroma that we handle today – I say it right away – can not be seen as a flavor ingredient. His name is “Purple” and … I do not want to understand why. Here is the official description of this aroma of ToB:

A thick liquid, with whiskey and vanilla, decided aftertaste.

Another mystery would be the term “liquid” presented in the Purple… we fly over description. What appears certain is that ToB wanted to introduce a recipe enigmatic, although the main ingredients as simple as they seem uninteresting. Whiskey and vanilla.

The bouquet reveals a singular known alcoholic with a slightly synthetic character actually framed by vague hints of vanilla. Alcoholic note does not seem to clearly embody the classic shades of whiskey. A warm substrate seems to emerge in the base notes. This warm note is the only one to give structure to the base and aromatic top notes, accentuating this enigmatic fog that characterizes the aroma now the subject of review of The Flavourist.

Evidence of vaping is not easy to interpret – to be honest. It remains somewhat victim to the description and consequently disoriented. Purple is particularly sensitive to temperature. I had to limit the power to a range between 24 / 26w and prefer a slightly contrasted throw. What emerges is a tasteful little credible indeed whiskey and unnatural unfounded. Which, however, it can be giustificara by the desire not to propose an aroma too invasive or alcohol. Overall, however, the balance between acid notes, creamy and vanilla, it works even without expressing a particularly elegant character. It ‘a little forced the decision to add among the creamy aromas. It has no outstanding characteristics to that effect.


Purple is an aroma “edgy” that – contrary to what is seen with the olfactory – entrusts its aromatic structure with a creamy vanilla little difficult to interpret. Vanilla Burbon? Almost. Shortage actually mulled notes, that I liked and which would have given greater elegance. An aroma recipe … and not a flavoring ingredient although it (according to the description) only an uncertain whiskey and vanilla. A new “hazard” of ToB which risks being but especially appreciated by many … but not for everyone.

Measured and low sweetness altogether. If I could review my choices, I would opt for a system, an atom, bottom feeder in a single coil. Purple non evokes no dessert. A chocolate, a character cream, a cookie, would have given a clearer identity in the panorama aroma of creamy aromas. It is a creamy aroma? I wonder what it is then. While we can not hide a personal disappointment, I think that Purple is an interesting flavor but goes wisely used and consumed. I would use it in alternation with organic tobacco aromas. Never alternating with creamy liquid of great taste and texture. Just aromatic richness of the latter, would make the passage disappointing. This aroma is certainly not an “all day” … bored.

Dilution recommended: 10-15%.

Rates of maturation: 2/3 giorni.

ico 2

Pro: Nothing special to report.

Cons: Not credible aroma whiskey. It lacks structure and elegance. basic requirements in such a simple instill mix.