Name e Format: Red Alert (Guerrilla Flavors)- concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: Union 2.0  + Vampire V2 o.85 omh (Kantal A1 27 AWG) + Cotton bacon V2

Here we are today together to have a new liquid talk with you. We do this by talking about Guerrilla Flavors. The Romanian producers, who have their headquarters in the Transylvanian region. As you have already understood these producers have come to the market with a truly full-bodied line, starting from the aromas up to the ready-made liquids.

In recent weeks we have had the pleasure of being able to try some aromas, we wanted to share with you our impressions subdividing them into groups in fact the first impressions were written on creamy, ended last week the tests on flavored tobacco, we arrived today to the last category that this brand has made available to us. So we come to the frozen fruits. In the past categories, the boys have proved themselves skilled in creating with synthetic ingredients excellent flavors in terms of aroma, not certain innovative recipes but certainly well-designed and well-made aromatic constructions. Also for this last category we certainly expect a lot because of the excellent conditions, in fact we feel obliged to remember that they are synthetic flavors that as a strength and characterizing element have a high aromatic quality and try to release tastes as realistic as possible. In short, they try to emulate an extracted aroma using synthetic molecules.

The protagonist of today, as mentioned, will be a fruity and icy eliquid: Red Alert, which is described by the producer as follows:

A fizzy wild strawberry mixed with a tasty stawberry and frozed.

The description as always is precise and timely and gives us all the right ideas to be able to understand even more what we are about to vaporize. Inside we will find, two types of strawberry a wild strawberry that we identify as the wild strawberries that tend to be smaller and more sour and the classic strawberry that of our spring fruit salads that are certainly more sugary and less sour, could not miss a pinch of ice to garnish everything, will they have managed to respect the description?

As we have become accustomed to the inside we find the bottle of aroma that will be diluted to about 15 percent but you can go down slightly with bases with less VG. In addition, we also provide a 60ml “unicorn bottle” in which to pour our preparation for the few hours of stepping necessary to ensure that the aroma is amalgamated with the base. We have also noticed that once the dispenser nozzle of the bottle is closed, we are given the possibility to remove it to allow a new refill easily. We also want to add that in our box we have been given the adhesive label to put on the bottle once mixed. Really cute this packaging!


The first approach to the bottle is certainly very positive, given the simple and very similar ingredients we will be very short in this olfactory analysis. The bottle is rich and full of an intense smell of strawberries, a strawberry tend to be very sweet and sugary, I would say almost ripe, you can not perceive other aromatic details, but the resulting whole is usually intense sugary with a touch of sparkling acidity. The passion for sweets brings to mind a scent that almost resembles strawberry gummy, which I used to use as a child!


So we arrive at the crucial moment the vaping test for this fruity and icy liquid. The recipe is certainly not complicated, in fact the puff opens with a thick and full-bodied steam, we are immediately amazed by the fullness of the liquid that is certainly very perceptible, everything is well balanced. The notes of the classic strawberry are the first that reveal to our palate a very real feeling that embraces us with its elegant and sweet notes rich and present, the strawberry sour note is a bit lost in this initial phase, but does not lack Certainly because immediately afterwards the strawberry forest appears on the scene, with its echoing acidity tends to blend perfectly with the initial sweetness, creating an excellent combination, the two aromatic characteristics of the fruits are exalted in the final part by an icy note, that certainly does not feel its absence, raising in our opinion the taste as a whole.

The svapata is overall really tasty and rich, a fruity mix that is well presented to our palate with a lively and decisive taste built on the classic sweet and sour contrast that tends not to weigh down the steam and that is raised by a fresh addition that however not distorts the aromatic quality certainly of a level. A liquid for the whole day and that will surely know how to rise more with the advent of summer, but that however is well suited to a carefree vaping without forgetting the excellent aftertaste that delicately remains persistent once we put our electronic cigarette.

Guerrilla Flavor’s boys are hardly wrong, and even in this case they presented themselves with a simple recipe based on a few flavors but that is still very appreciable and truthful.

Pro: Excellent sweet and sour combination.

Cons: Very simple recipe.