Aroma Red ToB – Review


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Define a concrete point of encounter between the promises of a brand, the expectations of vaper and tasting analysis and product data, is one of the reasons the existence of The Flavourist. Today we are dealing with an aroma inserted in the line “Little Italy” of Tob. The Red is presented as a tabaccoso aroma.

Red tob



The brand’s description:

Tabaccoso, sweet and inviting with notes of caramel, very good.


To smell, for the most jaded vapers it will be difficult not to recognize the aroma “Bread Crust”. Perhaps not everyone knows, but it’s really hard not to disturb. This smell is familiar to fans of recipes, dominates the perceived odor. Really elusive subtle caramel notes. Barely perceptible.


Devices: Wismec Reuleaux RX200 + SXK DDP coil 0,31 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton

On vape, after playing with the air control of SXK DDP, can I tell me ready to start … and start right away with a very strong concern! Red is called an “aroma tabaccoso” and so will be included in the categories of The Flavourist. We will see later how this classification refers to a “tabaccoso aroma sui generis”. As happened a few years ago … the dawn of vape. Not being able to define a different fragrance, the desire to hoard customers with the promise of a substitute of the cigarette, here is that any flavor was distinctly not a cake or a fruit or a mint … it was a “tabaccoso”!

Since the first puffs I can confirm the presence reminiscent of the classic aroma of bread crust. In aspiratorie phases it is perceived a certain alternation between salty and sweet taste taste. The result, in aromatic persistence, leaves emerge more a bland taste and devoid of remarkable sweetness. Nothing that evokes a tobacco or a vaguely similar experience. Here’s my doubts are confirmed. In the present scenario the perfecting of tabaccosi products has led to e-liquid flavors and rich taste and satisfying. Several positive reviews of The Flavourist.

Typical liquid gimmicks or flavorings tabaccosi – not to be confused with pure extracts from tobacco – are manifold. We will not talk about it. Structure and complexity of the mix guarantee a result that in some cases has created some real sales phenomena. In the case of Red instead ToB, a faint note caramelized, really devoid of real substance, it appears to be introduced for the sole purpose of dampening the obvious presence at the aroma of bread crust. The aroma is pleasant, but it seems more an “ingredient”. Alone it does not work, as is well known to the “DIY enthusiasts.”



No ingredients n.e.t. (Naturally extracted tobacco) is present in this recipe to enrich the taste, so it must imagine – in the expectations of the manufacturer there is the hope that the tobacco experience, the similarity with tobacco, emerges through the just and obvious hint of crust of bread. I may not be enough! Red is undoubtedly a monotonous flavor in taste and poor. You can not compare it to other flavors of the same ToB, labeled as “tabaccosi”, which were a great success. Recipes more structured and elegant.

In the case of Red, I can only say that the long-running vaper are unlikely to appreciate it as “tabaccoso”. The evidence is undeniable. In contrast, those who have recently approached the world of “DIY” of vape, could – influenced by the description of the mark – to discover that … among many “tabaccosi” also exists … the aromas of bread crust.

Suggested dilution: 10-15%.

Steeping time: 2/3 days

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Pro: An easy to vape tobacco taste Tabaccoso dolce e facile da svapare

Contro:A little monotonous. The brand description is not true to real perceptions in vaping.


Concentrated flavour review: Red (ToB) 10 ml


Base: 50 PG – 50 VG

Expiry date:12/2017