E-liquid review: RedBull  (The Kingdoms) by Sifu Brew Syndicate 30 ml

Batch: n.d.

Nico: 6 mg/ml

Declared base: 50% VG – 50% PG

Expiration date: n.d.

Devices: IPV Mini 2 + Bellus dual coil 0,42 ohm (Kanthal A1 0,40mm) with japanese organic cotton.

The journey to discover the intense and captivating flavors offered by The Kingdoms by Sifu Brew Syndicate, continues. Summer is definitely the best testing ground for these fresh, flavorful and colorful liquids.

Redbull the kingdoms

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Finding an official description for this liquid is not that easy. The name seems to be saying it all. This liquid intends to reproduce the taste of an energy drink now widespread around the world, the RedBull. In recent years we have met often similar flavor concentrates or e-liquids, evidently trying to ride the wave of the undisputed international success of these brands, as done in fact with CocaCola, just to make another example.

To be honest, initially this e-liquid neither made me curious nor raised my curiosity. I imagined it was basically an already known taste. The idea of vaping an energy drink (its simulation) has never thrilled me. Attention, spoiler: I was wrong. It is worth it instead. At least as regards the product by The Kingdoms.


The olfactory examination reveals all the typical characteristics of the classical RedBull; however, my nose perceives that this e-liquid may have a plus in terms of power and expressiveness of the aromatic notes. The dominant notes are cherry and sour cherry. A potent mix with an innatural scent (and taste), nevertheless really interesting. The fragrance, as I said, is fresh and penetrating. Powerful and graceful at the same time.

amarena the flavourist

On vaping, the taste perception is further boosted by the airiness of my Bellus, that enhances the hallmark of The Kingdoms. The impetus of fresh Koolada mixed with cherry and sour cherry! It’s amazing, though not a natural fruity taste. I perceive a “super cherry” with an unnatural sweetness, characterised by a rich and complex glazing. The combination with sour cherry enriches the vaping. The acidity of the aroma is elegantly managed thanks to the surreal sweetness and glacial freshness of the whole taste. This makes vaping pleasant even at high temperatures. Everything seems well-balanced.

The temperatures, as already mentioned for other fruity juices by The Kingdoms, paradoxically enhance the vaping experience by providing great satisfaction and a visibly dense and smelling steam, something few fruity juices can guarantee. A deep puff, intense and almost obsessive-compulsive, is the most suitable to taste RedBull by The Kingdoms. Glacial.

I must admit that the revisiting proposed by Sifu Brew is, in terms of taste, higher than the RedBull we know. The Koolada also has its merits in this. It makes the perception of the flavors dynamic and vigorous. In fact, I’d rather consider it as a super fresh cherry and sour cherry e-liquid. One of the best, one of the most extreme and rich fruity taste ever. As usual we are dealing with a “cheerful” liquid, cheeky, but created with great skill.

When we talk about Koolada in the e-liquids by Sifu Brew Syndidate, we refer to something much higher than what we use for our mix: masterful use and in much higher concentration.

At higer wattages no aromatic distortion is perceived. The overall freshness of the puff remains effective and it’s perfect for the hot summer days we are going through. I’m literally surrounded by a cloud of fragrant and fresh steam! The quality of the aromatic persistence is quite remarkable. It never tends to bitter nouances, as often happens with e-liquids trying to simulate fruity drinks.

In the classic energy drink the flavourings dominate the strong chemical scent caused by the mixture of ingredients in the recipe. Taurine, caffeine and B vitamins are the best known. Yet, something chemical is always vaguely perceptible in this drink, created not only to activate the metabolism during the physical effort, but also and mainly to improve the concentration during physical and mental stress. The Taurine contained in the energy drink named RedBull, since 1987, is entirely synthetic. But this substance and its properties have been discovered and identified in the bile of the bull. Hence the name taurine and thus RedBull, an Austrian brand that, thanks also to several successful marketing operations, is now a promoter and sponsor of many world sporting events.

However, the absence of these ingredients in the e-liquid presented by Sifu Brew leave the path free to the aroma and to an freshness which is new to the European or American e-liquids. It ‘a tasty aroma. Yet, the contrast between the acidity regulators and that particular sweetening makes it extremely similar, albeit more brilliant, to the original RedBull taste. But are we really sure? We are still The Flavourist.

The truth is that this e-liquid is much more similar to a Burn. A different brand and competitor of RedBull. Even the bright red color of the e-liquid is most similar to Burn. Sweeter, more graceful and fruity then RedBull. RedBull itself recently introduced some fruity variations to its main product. The fact remains that, as you know, at The Flavourist we are very picky when it comes to taste. Compared to the classic product, this e-liquid is more like a nice cool Burn. The prodigious Koolada of The Kingdoms leaves its mark.

Here the verdict of The Flavourist: RedBull by The Kingdoms gives me … wings!

ico 4

Pro: better in taste than the beverage that inspired it. Energizing in its own way. Cheerful, jovial and really fresh.

Cons: it tastes more like Burn. The bright red color confirms this perception.