Name e Format:  Reggae linea V by Black Note (Vaporificio & Black Note) – Aroma concentrato 20 ml – ricevuto dal produttore


Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Experied date: 03-2020

Devices: Tesla stealth 40w + Vampire V2 1.00 omh (Kantal A1 28AWG) + Cotton bacon V2

The intertwining of electronic cigarette world music has always been used a lot. In this period more and more producers let themselves be transported by music to add that touch of originality to their creations one of the most important examples we can find by the guys of Black Note, American producer, who binds in close contact with the well-known producer Italian Vaporificio, their successful “duet” allows us, today, to appreciate another liquid of the V line by Blacknote, you just need to discover the name that our mind is projected directly in Jamaica, land that has brought reggae into vogue, genre music imported around the world by the great Bob Marley, who with his “sound” managed to conquer a vast audience and that we hope is a good omen for the complete success of this eponymous liquid. Certainly many of us often carve out a moment of relaxation in which we put our favorite track and we let ourselves go by running the mind without brakes, and if a all this add our electronic cigarette and an excellent liquid?

The packaging of the bottle in which the eliquid presents itself is very nice and captivating, linear but successful. A small bottle with dropper inside with 20 ml of aroma to which will be added the classic base 10ml with or without nicotine. This time the characteristic color of the label is green, not lit but decided. The result after mixing and after a few days of waiting, is a liquid with light and delicate tones. Let’s imagine, that like the whole line, the tendency is to be really delicate with the coils and this is the clearest of the aromas we have received. In addition to the name: Reggea, we find another description, Menthol blend. Now the tendency of the market to mix the tobacco extracted with mint we wonder if the producers will be able to raise the aromatic level of tobacco with this addition that is certainly risky, because the mint in an eliquid has a negative aspect to be from love or hate.

This is the description given to us by the producers:

Flavor Profile: Minty and Crisp. Reggae starts with a bright base of blended flue-cured bright Virginia tobacco grown in the French plains. The blend is then enhanced with an overlay of natural mint, extracted from fresh peppermint and spearmint leaves, for an invigorating fresh menthol taste.

The description is really precise and detailed, even if it tends not to leave a bit of mystery that occasionally never hurts, we are faced with a base of Virginia tobacco, naturally macerated naturally and without the addition of chemical additives, as always the guys from Vaporificio assure us and an aroma of non-chemical mint but rather extracted directly from the leaf that we can not wait to try with you.

So we arrive at the olfactory test, uncork the bottle and we are ready to be pampered by the intoxicating scent of mint just picked from the grandfather’s vegetable garden, a really real fragrance, dense and perfectly recognizable in every note, the fresh part in contrast with the sparkling and playful notes of the mint leaf are released in the room in a lively aromatic charge that is the master in this olfactory test. Almost stunned by the inebriating menthol aromatization we go in search of the most hidden notes of the musical score, the virginia tobacco is only background and base on which the whole composition was conceived, the slightly leafy and vegetal notes you can with a little bit of commitment to find and we can not help but appreciate them because mixing with the mint can lighten the structure as a whole.

We already have an idea of ​​what to expect from the vaporization test, hardly after an olfactory test, so we could be misled, but the liquids are vaping and then loaded our tank we are ready for our clouds of steam. The first notes we meet are the menthol ones, with a really tight rhythm, they are presented to our taste buds, filling them with taste and freshness, a real mint. The sensation is not the one given by synthetic liquids, it is not about menthol or ice, but here it almost seems to chew a little leaf just taken from the plant in which fresh and sparkling notes do not exceed but give a unique taste that gently embraces us. Certainly in the steam it is certainly the central element, but it makes you appreciate not by eliminating our taste despite the very concentrated charge. After a start of dizziness, with the usual delicacy, one of the most distinguishable characteristics of this tobacco, we find in the lower notes, those that in a song are the basis, but that should never be neglected, our Virginia tobacco that plays its role impeccably trying to hide the virtuosity, sometimes excessive mint, balancing with its delicate plant feeling and slightly sweet all the svapata. Tobacco certainly is put in the background but we can not say that goes unnoticed, in flashes can also obscure the first voice leaving us that delicate sweetness on the palate that makes the overall interpretation really appealing and enjoyable.

Surely the intentions of the producers find a basic idea, which for us is to satisfy every type of palate, in fact the liquid is delicately incisive and remains imprinted not only for his and but for its menthol notes but also for the delicacy of tobacco that is appreciated in moments of relaxation without going too busy our papillae that in a relaxing and delicate discover new flavors leaving a rich note fresh, sweet ideal to recover after sessions perhaps excessive of the rawest tobaccos.

The test also for this product has been carried out for several ml, the duration of the coils has been in line with the other aromas of the line with slightly light tones, but the first decay of aroma we perceived around 8 ml that made necessary perform a new regeneration. Of course, mint tends to get even more dirty than the light colors of the liquid.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Pro: A unique, real and lively mint.

Cons: Mint, Love and hate, where are you from?