Name and Format: Riggs Cop Juice by Eliquid France – e-liquid 10ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 10330

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: SVA penguin BF + wasp nano RDA single coil 0.30 ohm (24 g SS316) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

It’s true it’s hot, it’s true we are in the summer and the tastes of us vapers change according to the seasons, depending on the mood and the correct ventilation of the planets. In this summer, of course, we have also preferred to insist with some liquid with fresh and fruity flavors that are more suited to the season and to give you the opportunity to get a clearer idea from the right liquid to bring in your well-deserved holidays. But every now and then it’s always good to change gender, in fact today we decided to bring you a cream-flavored e-liquid, trying to satisfy the curiosities of the whole vapers panorama. We begin our journey back to France for the third and last time we have come to the last episode of the show that features the policeman in his blue uniform, who serves at the Eliquid-france barracks. A series that has brought in our homes a creamy coffee-flavored, Rosco, a fruity red fruit with a hint of mint, Foley and finally a creamy with decided and super-sweet tones in fact today we will talk about the Riggs.

This is the manufacturer’s description:

The Riggs est a liquide combinant des céréales custard with a retour de popcorn caramélisé.

Riggs is a liquid that combines the cream of cereals with a return of caramelized popcorn.

The bottle as per tradition is the same as Foley, the policeman, characterizing element, is always in uniform on his blue and yellow background is there and gives a very nice look to the packaging. The description given to us of the product leaves no room for fantastic trips, if with the Rosco the French guys wanted to create, yes, a creamy but very delicate coffee liquid and with the Foley a delicious red fruit salad embellished with a dusting mint, with the Riggs tried to recreate a creamy recipe with much greedy tones. In fact, from what we can read we are given some precious elements for example you can imagine that at the base of the recipe there will be the contrast between two central elements the first given by the cereal cream that with its sweetness will enrich the caramel popcorn with less nuances sweets the whole could create that simply unique union. Surely when you create liquids based on cereals and popocorn it is very easy to fall into the trap of “very bitter” given by the molecular components that are used to recreate these aromas, the expert hands of eliquid france will find the right combinations and recreate the right contrasts?

Turning to the olfactory test we understand immediately that the description a bit has deceived us, smell the cereal cream seems to be built with a very strong base of hazelnut, here to make you understand better give us a small example that we find in everyday life and that is worth more than a thousand words and descriptions, the first sensation that this eliquid gives us is an unmistakable smell of Nutella that with its hazelnut and sugar-coated notes makes us turn our heads and every year does not allow us to pass the custom test. Only in the final part and after several attempts you can perceive a note of popcorn that at the first impact are “burnt”. From this test we understand that popcorn will undoubtedly play a marginal role and will only appear as a side dish because the promised caramel does not emerge as a whole, confusing in the sugar charge given by the cereal cream .. forgive hazelnuts !!

By now the aqualine at the mouth step to the vaporization texts, finally all doubts are dispelled. The dances are undoubtedly opened by the cream with cereals, the cereals have as their central element a strong nutty note that however does not remind us of Nutella as the olfactory test but a lighter and less greedy hazelnut cream, certainly greedy but less decisive in shape, also the sugary part is well balanced and not excessively invasive, in fact it does not transmit sensations that tend to butter or vanilla, it almost seems that a food sweetener has been used. However, the whole creates a nice combination that cheers the palate giving a pleasant nutty sweetness. The puff continues and continues to have as its central element the creamy component. Only in the final part and as we imagined we perceive a faded and timid presence of popcorn, a delicate taste that is not perceived at every svapata but only makes its appearance when the coil starts to heat in a decisive manner, the popcorn does not add to the combination aromatic no sweet note indeed are slightly bitter and seem to be “singed”, but their presence is so limited that they can hardly subjugate the total sweetness of the liquid, the great absent remains then the caramel that surely went to blend in the overall sweetness of the liquid does not enhance the final taste.

Eliquid juice wanted to create a delicious recipe mixing two flavors in an aromatic combination that are usually found in single recipes, the synergy created does not take flight to the whole aromatic combination but enhances in a maniac only decided the creamy element binding the popcorn to a mere appearance on the scene and that makes the whole building wobble, sometimes giving notes tending to bitterness that stand in opposition to the central base characterized by an appreciable sweetness.

A small side note, but still important, from the tests carried out the liquid is very dirty the coils. in fact, after the 10 ml test we were forced to regenerate and give a good wash to the atom because the smell was very persistent.

Pro: really greedy hazelnut cream

Cons: Popcorn not decided and with bitter notes. Wrecked the coils.

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