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Name e Format:  Rock  V by Black Note (Vaporificio & Black Note) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml – ricevuto dal produttore


Nico: 3 mg/ml

Base declared: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: Tesla stealth 40w + Vampire V2 1.00 omh (Kantal A1 28AWG) + Cotton bacon V2

Just last week we completed the cycle of our reviews of the V by Blacknote products, which allowed us to review with you a very interesting and tasty range of aromas. These products have given us the opportunity to appreciate the individual characteristics of a wide collection of tobaccos that are extracted so becoming aromas reaching our “very fine” palates. The intent of the guys from Vaporificio, a leading Italian producer in the Italian scene of the so-called NET, an acronym that indicates the naturally extracted tobaccos, and of the Blacknote producers, the American counterpart of the Italian company was to prepare the field to understand and understand even more deeply the aromas we’re going to talk about today.

In fact today we will begin a new path that will lead us to the discovery of another line born precisely from this fruitful joint adventure. The key feature, and also the beating heart of the project was to create something new starting from the optimal base of the individual aromas for each type of tobacco. Precisely for this reason they decided to bring us the so-called flavored tobacco to us. We will then go on to talk about a specific tobacco combined with flavoring elements that go from the typical creamy and sweet flavors up to even menthol additions.

Here we are, and finally some of you will say, to the protagonist of our lines: Rock V by Blacknote. We were forgetting to tell you that the new line is inspired by the various musical genres, and this is also why our expectations are growing ever higher.

So we arrive at the presentation of the product that comes with its name Rock but that uses a further description: Italian blend, we Italians could not start our adventure with the product that calls us directly into the cause? The packaging of the bottle is very similar to that of the last line, linear but successful: a 20 ml bottle of aroma to which will be added the classic base 10ml with or without nicotine, this time the color of the label is a red very lively and decisive, which goes perfectly with the mental image of rock. The result after mixing and after a few days of waiting, is a liquid with strong tones and a strong, intense yellow.

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This is the description given to us by the producers:

Flavor Profile: Strong and Complex
A fire-cured Italian Kentucky blend is at the heart of this robust blend, the same variety of tobacco found in the Italian Toscano cigar. This distinctive blend maintains the unaltered characteristic of its leaf, which you’ll experience as a caramelized sweetness upon exhalation.

The description for the most wary prepares very well the ground for our palates. The Kentucky that we have had the opportunity to try in the previous production, the only tobacco used in Toscano cigars, is rounded off by a very delicious caramel flavoring, which should ultimately turn the taste, the producers will be able to do justice to the leaves or all will it be covered with this sugary dusting? We just have to find out together!

v by black note rock 20 ml aroma scomposto

So let’s go to the olfactory test, as you will have understood it is not always easy and clear to be able to better interpret the fumes coming from the bottles of tobacco liquids, but here the work is very facilitated by the great aromatic charge, the vegetable part of the leaf is immediately perceptible and with force he juggles us with his decidedly dark and full hints, typical of the kentucky leaf. The fire cure is perceptible light smoky perfumes burst into our nose, hiding between the lines the guest that you would hardly expect and slowly coming up to us in the form of sugary note, which we can not help but associate with the aromatization due to the addition of caramel, well integrated in the aromatic weave, until it slowly disappears as it arrived. So we just have to go to the vape test.

The olfactory test has really given us many ideas and now we want to combine all the missing points. From the first breath we perceive with determination the kentucky that comes out with all its vegetal and grassy notes, the hardest and darkest part comes out slowly in a harmonious dance that sees on one hand the typical sweetness of the leaves and on the other the complex and dry care in focus that transforms the breath into pure harmony. The incensed traits are there and they really reveal themselves clearly. The steam in inspiration is very rich, full and tendentially sweet, all without ever exaggerating. In exhalation, in the final phase of the breath almost with amazement from how well hidden until now here that makes its appearance the greedy part of the aromatic combination the already present sugary notes of the leaf are embraced and covered by a caramelized veil that is well appreciated adding body and creaminess to an excellent kentuchy. This is not an excessive or exuberant sensation. It does not want to hide the characteristics of the tobacco. The aim is only to lighten it, creating a unique, rich and truly greedy harmony. A well-calibrated sugar veil that balances aromatic photography by adding and not covering without distorting the raw material.

A flavored tobacco with sweet tones that becomes suitable not only for moments of relaxation but also for the whole day that hardly tired, indeed that hint of sugary frizantezza makes the liquid suitable for every palate and that can always be appreciated. A great start!

piantina di tabacco kentucky

The test also for this product has been carried out for several ml, the duration of the coils has been in line with the other aromas of the line with slightly light tones, but the first decay of aroma we perceived around 7 ml that made necessary perform a new regeneration.

Suggested diluition: 10%

ico 4

Pro: A very successful aromatization without giving up the quality of the tobacco.

Cons: Perhaps a bit more character is added to the caramel.