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Name and Format:  Rosco Linea Cop Juice by Eliquid France – e-liquid 10ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 106D18

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: SVA penguin BF + wasp nano RDA single coil 0.30 ohm (24 g SS316) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

Digging into the eliquid “treasure” that we brought along from the Vapitaly 2018 I find a bottle of bright blue that immediately attracts my attention over the color also for its very funny and fun packaging. A policeman is shown on the pack, divided, a pronounced jaw pointing at us, holding a “smoking” mechanical tube in his hand, forcing us almost to the taste.
This is a liquid from the new Cop juice line produced by Eliquid France.
This will be the first on The Flavourist for the French producer we all know for having accompanied us during the summer with its fruizee line iced fruity liquids that have allowed us to survive the scorching heat.

Eliquid France inserts in this new line 3 liquids: Rosco, Riggs and Foley.
And today we will talk about the Rosco.

rosco cop juice

This is the description of the manufacturer:

Le Rosco est a liquide à la saveur of a café gourmand avec une délicieuse sensation d’onctuosité.

Rosco is a liquid with the flavor of a café gourmand with a delicious creaminess.

Reading the description you too are wondering what is a café gourmand we will try to get an idea, how many of you happen to the restaurant to stay attracted to the window of sweets to the point of not knowing which to choose? … and how many of you are afraid that a dessert may be too sweet and you feel the need to break the taste with a nice bitter coffee? and how many of you take to the line but do not want to give up the pleasure of dessert at the end of the meal?
Here the café gourmand comes to our aid in fact it is a French dish that sees protagonist the coffee placed at the center of the plate surrounded by a set of small tastings of desserts offered by the house all in one course. So we will not even need to call the waiter to bring us coffee. Nice idea!

caffè gourmand

Opening the bottle there is no doubt the part of the protagonist, as in the dish from which it derives, is coffee, a sweetened coffee with pungent smell but not too strong far from the strong scent that comes from our espresso cups. I continue to lightly press the bottle and finally recognize in a very soft and sugary note the creamy base that accompanies and tries to balance the aromatic charge of coffee.

Immediately from the first puff coffee is perceived predominantly, it is a sweetened coffee not decided in pure Italian style, but “stretched” not with water as in the American coffee, here is used wisely a very greedy creamy base that recalls the coffee cream we need in the bars.
In expiration the creamy part takes possession of the main scene is she the undisputed protagonist the sweetness fills our mouth the sugary notes upset our taste buds that if they savored a good coffee before now are tickled by a unique creaminess and finally here it is again the coffee to balance the composition by covering too much sweetness and leaving us that desire to continue to vape.

crema caffè

A liquid that is not immediately appreciated at the first “puff” but that must be understood and tested several times, from the best of itself to medium high wattages and with repetitive shots when the resistance starts to heat up is what makes the difference. Once started it is difficult to stop and is conquered by the creamy sweetness of the coffee.

ico 4

Pro: An excellent coffee balanced by a delicious creaminess.

Cons: Not suitable for those who approach the liquid with the idea of ​​finding an Italian coffee. To make it better, you need more powerful builds.