E-liquid review:  Royal (Double Barrel) 30 ml – ricevuto dal produttore

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Hcigar VTinbox 75w + Split RDTA single coil 0.70 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 awg 0.40mm) with japanese Puff organic cotton.

Last June we started to talk about the texancompany Double Barrel Premium E-liquids and its tobacco line: Oak, Royal, Bounty, Cowboy and the latest BaeBacc.

Today, after Oak, we are going to review Royal:

A smooth, robust, classic pipe tobacco with accents of 6-leaf tobacco flavors.


The Royal bottle is 30 ml amber glass with a childproof cap with a dropper beak tip. The label is very elegant, with a background texture with the wooden axes of a barrel while the texts appear with a classic gold font. The information on the bottle is generic and skinny. As far as the ingredients, the liquid contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and artificial and/or natural concentrate aromas. In addition to the product name, are indicated the composition of the base and the nicotine content. Nothing more than the manufacturer’s master references. This bottle as easy to guess is not TPD ready but, on the manufacturer’s site we have found that Double Barrel products will soon be all TPD compliant.


On the smell Royal has a fresh herbaceous notes intersecting with a more woody smell smudge and humid earth, able to give to the nose a pleasant tobacco tasty sensation. A sensation of a blond dry tobacco of medium strength and intensity, enriched by a light vanilla splash to delicately round the blend. The general scent looks very pleasant and well-balanced; the idea of ​​a classic pipe tobacco is sufficiently given by the smell test.

For the vape test, I decided to entrust myself to a reassuring bottom feeder solution using the Split RDTA atomizer. Since the first puffs can be perceived a tobacco tone, probably due to a N.E.T. base, simple, truthful and natural. The tobacco base of Royal is certainly more structured than Oak, although its aromatic facets are still rather timid and simple. In the head notes stands out the tobacco soul of the blend with woody, smoky and vaguely toasted nuances. This medium strength base provides the background for the central notes of the bouquet, rich in grassy hints, faceting even more the whole structure of the e-liquid. The grassy accents make the mix airy and less robust.

Pipe tobacco

To make it more likely a real tobacco pipe, comes in the heart of puff a light vanilla hint, which, with its soft embrace, contributes to the rounding of the whole blend. The puffs have a reassuring stamp. The tobacco perception is good even if I confess remains for me the amlethic doubt “Tobacco Extract or Not Tobacco Extract?” To vape Royal is simple, easy and friendly, especially suited to the vapers with a little know-how forthis kind of e-liquid.

The low notes of bouquet also have light licorice nuances that support the dry structure in a sort of Black Cavendish treatment.

wismec relaux

In a hypothetical journey of approaching tobacco e-liquids, with Royal, the manufacturer builts an intermediate product. After Oak, with a sweetest and creamy texture, the first step in the gradual process of approaching and understanding tobacco creations, Double Barrel suggests us Royal. Royal while maintaining soft fragrances has different and more “tobacco-oriented” characteristics. The e-liquid offers a grassy sensorial experience, with minimal hints of leather and humid earth that approach it to the features of a real natural tobacco. The aromatic persistence is medium and facilitates the long-term usability of the liquid.

A credible tobacco vape, very linear and stable. A simple and pleasing approach to this kind of e-liquids. Definitely a tasty all-day tobacco.

ico 3

Pro: A good mild tobacco e-liquid, simple and reassuring; an all-day product.

Cons: The tobacco component has vague aromatic facets.