Name e Format: S.E.A.L. (Guerrilla Flavors) – Mix&Vape aroma 50 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 0996 BBE 10 2019

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 10-2019

Devices: Vaporesso Gen 220W + Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite RTA single coil 0.5 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.5 mm) with Vapefly Cotton Cloud

Today we conclude our series of reviews about the surprising Romanian brand Guerrilla Flavors, much appreciated both by our readers and by the whole Italian vape market. The Romanian brand also received a well-deserved award at the International Vape E-liquid Award 2018, with Red Flag e-liquid awarded as “Best Creamy E-juice”.

Our story on Guerrilla Flavors products therefore ends today with the fruity liquid S.E.A.L., as described by the manufacturer:

Sweet Mango, Honeydew with a touch of Blood Orange and strong Ice

I am going to discover S.E.A.L. with the usual smell test and I immediately open the product bottle, a classic chubby gorilla with a rather aggressive and military design, but we know they are the Guerrilla Flavors company!

This e-juice is in the mix&vape format, 50 ml to which you have to add 10 ml of base (if you desire with nicotine), a format that the manufacturer calls short-fill.


On the smell S.E.A.L. immediately presents itself with a fairly marked aromatic imprint and shows at the forefront a clear fragrance of honeydew melon, which gives to the e-liquid the sensation of being in front of a mix with rather sweet connotations. In fact I feel that the sweet characteristics of the melon have been reinforced with external sweetening elements (most likely sucralose). These aromatic cues can’t make me recognize the presence of mango (cited in the description), they are struggling to emerge at the olfactory examination, while on the contrary I can easily distinguish a citrusy subtrack that would seem at least in part to compensate the sweet excesses of melon and sucralose .

I prepare myself for the vaping test, without hiding that the smell test left me with some doubts: I fear that even on vape the charge of the melon could be too invasive and that there may be some aromatic imbalance in the recipe. We’ll see.

The atomizer chosen for this test is once again the surprising and perhaps slightly underestimated Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite, a rebuildable 23 mm atomizer able to express itself at best with different types of e-liquids expecially in flavor chasing vape.


Despite the overwhelming first impact due to an abundant ice effect, on vape S.E.A.L. manages to express itself much better than in the smell test, presenting a bouquet that is certainly more multi-faceted and certainly less sweet. It strikes positively during the inspiration a similar exotic-spicy sensation, which is transmitted quickly on the palate, making the vape so tasty and intriguing.

An aromatic score far from trivial, on the contrary subtle and complex, such as to require a very meticulous analysis.

On the head notes, light scents of mango bring me inside a lively exotic setting, enriched with spicy nuances that are difficult to identify. The strong sugary sensation felt on the smell test, in this inhalation phase is decidedly attenuated, and makes the puff lively and never tiring.

The main ingredient of this recipe, the honeydew melon, enters in the heart of the puff: fresh, ripe and very faithful to the real fruit, the honeydew taste gives roundness and sweetness to the boquet, making it on the one hand more tasty and palatable, but on the other hand reducing a bit the nuances of the mix.

I note with pleasure, puff after puff, that the aromatic balance is good and the imbalance revealed during the smell test, fortunately now it is only a memory. Not only that, S.E.A.L. turns out to be an e-liquid capable of showing itself well shaded and never kneaded and confused; moreover, it’s appreciable the degree of naturalness that this product is able to transmit, despite the fact that it is a product of an undoubtedly “synthetic” nature.

In the final part of the puff, tasty and “juicy” hints of citrus are timidly facing on the palate and at the same time, the incisiveness of the initial ice effect is firmly reaffirmed. The citrusy component of the red orange happily approaches the other ingredients of the SEAL mix, but I regret the fact that, and this in my opinion is the biggest flaw of this creation, the Romanian manufacturer was anything but generous with the dosage of blood orange, when instead its unexceptionable aromatic qualities, if better emphasized, would have exalted even more the complexity and the value of this recipe.

Pro: Very balanced fruity recipe with facets and precious rich ingredients.

Cons: The citrus notes are very weak.