E-liquid review: S.P.Q.R. (Art&Science) 30 ml – received by the producer

Batch: 7041618

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 40% PG – 60% VG

Expiry date: 04-2019

Devices: RX200 + Bellus dualcoil 0,32 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) con cotone organico giapponese.

The Flavourist does not stop. Today we continue the test phases on Art & Science productions with S.P.Q.R..

S.P.Q.R. Art & Science

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The complete and interesting product packaging reflects that of other e-liquid Art & Science already reviewed here on The Flavourist. The flask of 30ml, in this case, is transparent.

The description given by the manufacturer relieves us of the burden to tell you what you inspire this product called S.P.Q.R .:

The original meaning was probably: “Senatus Populus Quirites Romans” (quirite was the Roman citizen who enjoyed full civil, political and military). It was then understood, always in Roman times, as “PopulusQue Senatus Romanus”, the Senate and the Roman people. This ancient abbreviation embodies the figures that best represent the power of the Roman Republic: the Senate and the people.

S.P.Q.R. It is an e-liquid premium gourmet new and original. It comes from a perfect balance of different complex aromatic notes, skillfully blended together. The result is a characteristic bouquet of aromas and simple but engaging flavors that aim to rediscover the ancient pastry tradition of republican Rome, where, special sweets to cereals, almonds and pistachios were the protagonists.

This allows us to immediately pass the smell and focus on carefully tasting and review of this e-liquid creamy. Hot and actually engaging as detectable odor level. A slight hint of toasted vanilla notes binds strong to cereal, honey and dried fruits. Already smell is evident the strong creaminess of the product. The pistachio notes, olfactory speaking, confer together with the great aromatic structure cereal.


On vape test I realize at once how crucial it is for a proper tasting, bring the atom at the correct temperature. The first pitches, as made to a power of 45w, do not do justice to construct aromatic. Shortly after, that’s the stamp S.P.Q.R. it is revealed. Pistachio biscuit and cereal exchange the actual role of top note within the first four deep throws. This, somehow, makes the interesting svapata, although at first glance, in the first moments, acid livemente perceptions take over the taste. And ‘the characteristic of pistachio and almond, further enhanced by the vanilla. But when after a while, all the flavors are aligned, that’s the extreme quality of this liquid wonder.

Although this is in fact a structured taste the biscuit cereal, the recipe made by Art & Science, appears unusual and pleasant. In its graceful way albeit slightly unstable and discontinuous in the perceptible taste. Honey, cereals and peculiarities of dried fruit are struggling to harmonize with each other at low temperatures. Raising the power to 50w and increasing areosità of Bellus, with a 0.26-ohm dual coil, things improve.

I must admit though that the taste S.P.Q.R. it proves less creamy than it appears at nose level. This is not absolutely a flaw, if you will. I do not mean by this to say that it is dry and that betray the expectations somewhat. The fragrance of the mix also affects the nose in aspiratorie phases, especially conveyed by the particular combination of pistachio and almond. E ‘at this time that we appreciate the tail notes to cereal. Notes that favor, together with vanilla overtones, an elegant and engaging aromatic persistence. The sweetness of the liquid is very measured. Natural and not overdone.

biscotti mandorle pistacchio

Confirm the emergence even at vape, mild herbal notes also described in aromatic persistence. Besides recalling traditional home fragrances, S.P.Q.R. recalls in some way related to the campaign hints or maybe just the choice of hot and exciting aromas able to excite. Yet, this exciting simplicity, is widely spread throughout our territory. I refer to several cakes, biscuits, typical of a widespread homemade pastry culture that bind the biscuit to nut kernels. To bring us back, here is the aroma to use corn. Aroma reminiscent of rough mixes and flours rich structure, as well as aromatic yield, when baked.


The key of reading S.P.Q.R. Art & Science seems to be precisely this. Whether it’s a cake or a biscuit, this liquid drags us in atmospheres from traditional tastes and smells, as still alive in our Italian pastry culture. More than being “greedy”, these flavors manage to transfer a particular elegance due the quality of the ingredients chosen by the manufacturer. Of note, in particular, the pistachio flavor and softness of scent to cereal.

From reviewer I can not deny that today, the response of The Flavourist remains influenced by this “interpretation.” Technically the liquid is well done, although its aromatic yield is lower than that expressed in the olfactory level.


ico 4

Pro: high quality ingredients and an elegance that can evoke the ancient housewife and Italian pastry culture.

Cons: its aromatic yield is less than what is expressed in the olfactory level.