E-liquid review: Saimiri – Origins line (Twelve Monkeys Vapor) 50 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 35 PG / 65 VG

Batch: SMR-057020718

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Expiry date: 02/2020

Devices: Geekvape Aegis 100w + Geekvape Peerless RDA single fused clapton coil 0.70 ohm (Ni80 30 awg x 3 + Ni80 38 awg x 1) with Native Wicks cotton.

Saimiri is the name of a genus of primates, the so-called new world monkeys or squirrel monkeys. Squirrel monkeys live in the rainforest in Central and South America, are small (generally no more than 70 cm) and distinguished by their long, prehensile tail, that they use for balance and move from tree branch to tree branch. It is the primate with the highest brain-to-body mass ratio (1:17) – humans have 1:35.

But Saimiri is also the second e-liquid of the new Origins line by Twelve Monkeys Vapor we are going to review for you today.

As already told reviewing Papio, the Monkey Mix Twelve Monkeys format hosts 50ml of concentrated e-liquid at 0 nicotine inside a unicorn bottle. Adding a 10 ml base you can obtain the desired nicotine level or simply 60 ml of e-liquid with 0 nicotine. The bottle is perfectly suited for any type of refill, from dripping to RTA atomizers; it is very portable and doesn’t lose a drop. The aesthetic appearance of the label is very pleasant too. We defined it modern and elegant and, most importantly, complete with all the required information. A product perfectly aligned with the latest European standards.


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Saimiri is officially described as follows:

A special treasure from deep within the Tribe12M jungles. Succulent, ripe strawberries gently dipped in a light coconut cream.

The smell test does not help us to get a reliable idea about the characteristics of the e-liquid. A fairly pronounced alcoholic base masks almost completely the perfumes that emerge or should emerge from the bottle. It is perceived, not without difficulty, a slight acid note subtended by a creamy background. Only after having smelled it repeatedly it is possible to recognize a very light fragrance of fresh coconut in a creamy undertone. That’s it?

Despite all the limits dictated by the alcoholic background, on the nose Saimiri seems to have a balanced aromatic tone and a not excessive sweetness. For the vaping test the chosen configuration includes a Peerless RDA set for flavor chasing in a range between 30 and 45 watt. We start the test at 35 watts.

Saimiri sciureus

A ritual of pure tribal witchcraft dissolves from the first puff any alcoholic scent and highlights all that had not emerged in the olfactory test. The first puffs do not reveal a particularly innovative recipe. Strawberries and coconut is a typical vape combination, a well-known creamy mix, not sophisticated but widely tested.

But … the boys of the 12 monkeys tribe did not just present a simple and banal mix of strawberry and coconut, they raised it to a higher levelThey weaved a soft carpet of fine white velvet that welcomes big, red and deliciously ripe strawberries. The result is purity and grace at every puff.

On the inhale the first aromatic cues present a soft strawberry coulis.  Soon the palate is filled with a soft bed of coconut milk cream, that, enriched by an inevitable vanilla accent, generates pure pleasure of the senses. Aphrodite has come down from Olympus to embrace the world of vapers…

The combination of strawberry and coconut cream is sinuous, the idea of ​​a mousse that gently fills and caresses the palate is perfectly evoked, puff after puff. Well balanced and amalgamated, with the right amount of sweetening, the two ingredients are blurred but never hidden. They are clearly perceptible and they support each other. A slightly higher wattage, while not reducing the tastiness of the e-liquid, compresses somewhat the aromatic nuances, so that strawberry and coconut are perceived as a whole.

banner of geekvape aegis mod

The post-vaping aromatic persistence is contained, definitely lower compared to the classical style of  the Canadian manufacturer. It’s a deliberate choice, functional to the characteristics of the Origins line: these e-liquids are designed for an all day vape, with simple and clean flavors, suitable for any hardware device and with an eye for the life of the coils.

strawberry coconut cream

The pleasure of the senses is combined with the pleasure of the eyes. It seems obvious, a detail that, together with other small but significant attentions, makes the difference between e-liquids manufacturers and masters of the aromatic art. Saimiri (like the whole Origins line), although has a composition of 70/30 VG/PG, releases a thick and fat vapor with a pleasant strawberry scent. And it will seem even more white than usual!

What secret is jealously guarded by the tribe of the 12 monkeys in the depths of the jungle?
ico 5

Pro: The creamy all day by Twelve Monkeys, full of grace and nobility.