Scorpion is an “organic” fruity aroma, entirely Made in Italy.

Lord Hero at the moment is producing three other aromas: Malibu, Cobra (both fruity) and T-Rex (sweet-creamy).

Scorpion is an extremely fresh and “summery” aroma. The producer mentions the following ingredients: absinthe, aniseed, bergamot, lime and other “secret ingredients” (I guess for improving the mix).

I would say that this is a quite pleasing taste and though I haven’t tried it first during the summer, I can imagine this flavour should be at its best during the hot season.

Scorpion provides a pleasing thirst-quenching sensation due to the lime but it’s also an aroma with character, a bit tangy due to the strong aniseed presence which appears to be the dominant ingredient.

The mix has been skillfully crafted and it really gives a pleasing vaping sensation: on the inhale absinthe and aniseed are the strongest flavours, while the lime and bergamot are more noticeable on the exhale.

I personally would not recommend exceeding dosage of this aroma, it can be too strong and nauseating during a whole day of vaping.

Recommended dilution: 6-8%

Steeping time: at least 2 days.

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