Very particular tobacco aroma tailored for strong and intense flavour lovers. I personally think it’s a very special aroma.

It’s the combination of two fundamental flavours: a Kentucky tobacco base and toasted dried fruits, I think mainly peanuts.

We have then an aroma which gives strength and intensity in every vaping phase, due to both the presence of a dry and dark tobacco such as Kentucky and the aromatic strength of toasted peanuts; the mix is very scented but far from delicate…

I think this aroma gives its very best on medium-high wattages (remember that I very seldom vape over 16-18 watts) as the heat will enhance and blend the ingredients much better.

Note: this aroma tends to saturate atomizers as just a few I have tried so far (I have an atom destined exclusively to Scottish Supreme consumption).

Recommended dilution: 4-7%

Steeping time: 4-5 days

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