Name: Serpent Elevate (Wotofo & SMM) – Atomizer- received by Vaporoso

Type: Tank Atomizer

Colors: Stainless Steel, Space Gray, Black, Blue,Rainbow, Gun metal, Gold.
Price: ~ € 26

Wotofo does not stop and continues with important collaborations here is Serpent Elevate ..

Wotofo is a Chinese company founded in 2012 with the aim of expanding all over the world with its many products. The company that in recent years has managed to conquer more and more the market of sprayers nourishing this sector with any type of novelty and differentiating its offer by proposing atomizers able to cover every way to svapare with increasingly interesting products.

In recent times Wotofo has managed to consolidate important collaborations, especially with “youtubers” or the century “influencer”. From the collaboration of the company’s designers and the great experience gained by Such My Mods, one of the most famous foreign influencers with a really wide audience, this Serpent Elevate was born a post-less atomizer, therefore without turrets, single coil, regenerable presents on the scene as an atomizer for the Flavor Chasing.

After this small description we are ready to better face the test of this Serpent Elevate.

As usual, at the start of the article we take care to observe the contents of the packaging of the product received (in our case in black).


1 x Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA da 3,5ml
1 x Vetro bubble di ricambio da 4,5ml
1 x  Extra Drip Tip
1 x bag 2 Clapton Coil (Framed Staple Clapton Coil(28G+38G*9+28G)+36G N80 ID 3mm)
1 x Drip tip 810 aggiuntivo frosted
1 x Set di O-ring
1 x Tools
1 x bag 3mm Agleted Cotton Strip


From an aesthetic point of view, at first glance, the Serpent Elevate is decidedly not cumbersome and certainly sinuous with its rounded shapes. A definitely nice shape because remember that even the eye of “vapers” wants its part. Even the drip tip very low and nuanced according to the color is certainly impact and everything is quite elegant in the black color that we have on trial; which is slightly lacking when we mount instead of the standard glass the slightly domed one to increase the capacity of the liquid. The atom has no other nuances but only a design in relief on the ring of the air obviously designed to encourage the well-amalgamated grip in the context.

From a constructive point of view, the Serpent Elevate immediately gives a sense of solidity as soon as you take it in your hand and the build quality seems really good. Steel processing is certainly positive and no smearing of any kind can be seen to the eye. The weakest part is the central part, of course this is due to the presence of the central glass that is not “caged” in any metal part. The few origns appear to be of good quality and the tolerances for the ring nut of the air control is excellent: neither too hard nor soft, once set will hardly move involuntarily.


The Serpent Elevate has a diameter of 24 mm, a height of about 40 mm (excluding the pin 510), a weight of about 50 gr and a capacity of 3.5 ml in the standard version (4.5 with the tank so called bubble). This completely disassembled tank is composed at the base of a deck, above we find the bell that is one with the upper part of the base where we find the holes for the refill, and the slit for the air that as you have understood is taken from above, therefore comprised of adjustable ring, the unscrewable top cup that houses the drip tip.

At first glance we immediately catch the eye of the unfamiliar position of the AFC, the airflow control, located in the upper part of the atomizer. We call it “different” because in any case we do not see many of these types of atom with this solution. From the upper part the air is taken and transported to the slots on the side of the deck by a gap placed under the chimney. A simple but never-before-seen solution. This allows you to avoid the annoying losses that can occur in the air with air from below and make the shot fluid and without turbulence.

Another detail that we find in the deck is that of the presence of 4 holes to mount the coils, we feel to recommend it only in single coil but if you are creative experimenters with patience you could let us enter with a little fantasy even two coils.


So we get to the classic operations, as far as coiling everything is very simple and fairly driven. We will take our resistance, we will use those supplied dates, and with the help of the gambette size, a very useful tool that allows us after inserting the coil, to find the precise point where to cut the ends to avoid shorts once placed the coil in the post less deck. Once the ends of the coil have been cut we proceed to unscrew with the supplied Allen the grains placed on the side we place the coil, pushing the coil slightly downwards so that the lower part of the coil is almost in line with the air holes and we tighten. All very simple.

Inserting cotton is also a very simple operation and everything is resolved within a few minutes in fact to the side we find two loopholes to support our cotton mustache. We should not let it go inside because otherwise the atomizer will go dry just cut it at the same level of the holes and lay it slightly on the edges, at this point the liquid going up will wet our cotton with a copious and never too dry. After a quick wet cotton we screw it all together and we are ready for the refill.

As now accustomed by the most recent systems for vaporizing, the refill is very comfortable and is done from above without having to flip or tilt it. Just unscrew the top and you will have access to two huge holes that allow us to use any bottle without complications. The operation is very simple and comfortable, and above all, thanks to the screwing / unscrewing system of the top cap, it is proof of accidental spills of liquid.


The Serpent Elevate has been designed for a vapour in flavoring chasing around 50in watts, and we’ll try it with this standard configuration.

Given the position of AFC we are very curious to try the shot, which is often a determining factor for the choice of the atom. Notwithstanding any doubt the work done by Wotofo is precise and nice and the shot he manifests fluid without internal turbulence and very balanced, clean straight shot from the flavor that pleases all Vapers.

But how is it aromatic? If that’s what you’re asking for, I tell you it works very well. The level is really good especially with liquids slightly creamy, indeed, steam can cover and return really rich notes and full, an atom with a fat vapor but not changing the quality of the liquid but returns it in a clear and clean . The small room of slightly rounded vaporization manages to create a blend really nice area and steam tends to hot, in fact the fireplace is very short, especially with these Clapton coil you feel the heat increase shot after shot, for my taste is not an issue but here it is really subjective and therefore we can not evaluate it as a cons. A solution, however, you have when you are going to mount a single-wire coil, we have tried and it’s really good, attenuating the temperature and returning a vapor, however rich aromatically. The production of steam remains very intense and if you are a supporter of the fog, be sure that with this atom you will create it at the banks! A little advice if you do not want to always be to refill immediately replace the glass to increase the capacity of the tank because this atom like to drink and a lot. Sure slightly lose the aesthetic class Atom, but this will allow you as well as having more capacity, improved draft of the liquid from the cotton as it goes slightly increasing the distance between the tub and glass and so you are truly carefree.

After several tests with different liquids we perceive a constant yield throughout the duration of the liquid the aromatic fan opens at the beginning giving excellent top notes up to the final part that delights us by scrambling the aromatic values and returning an excellent persistence of the taste even at the end of the vaping.


Wotofo continues to market a wide range of atoms from the low price and certainly interesting features aimed at conquering an audience both entry level and now exported, and this product born under the same collaboration with SMM is certainly proof of the good work of design that Wotofo proceeds quickly and without major hitches. A simple and reliable atom, it is impossible to make it lose or make regeneration wrong and that it succeeds in absorbing every liquid, returning it in a clear, precise and really tasty way. Surely excellent.

Recommended to: newbies, skilled and hardcore vapers.

  • 9/10
    In the Box - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Features - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Coiling, WIcking and Filling - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Performances and Flavour - 8/10


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