Shake berries it’s an aroma specifically created by ToB for milkshake lovers searching for a not too sweet e-liquid – in which case I would recommend the flavour concentrate Strawberry milkshake.

A creamy and sweet base is combined with a balanced wild berries mix where sweet and sour do not interfere with each other and no one dominates over the other; in fact that’s the typical sensation when you taste a wild strawberry, a blueberry, a blackberry or a raspberry.

This aroma, pleasantly sweet on the inhale, develops more and more peculiar and variegate facets, from sweet to sharp and lightly sour, all resulting in a flowery flavour; overall satisfactory is also the duration on the palate after vaping.

I personally believe it’s a good aroma, even if not one of the best by ToB; the soft fruits mix is quite confusing, the single tastes of the fruits are not clearly distinguishable and that’s perhaps the reason why that flowery notes emerges, which, to be honest, did not convince me.

Recommended dilution: 9-10%

Steeping time: 7-10 gg

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