E-liquid review: Sherpa (Bombo E-liquid) 30 ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: 05/2016

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 55PG – 45VG – distilled water

Expiry date: 04/2018

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dual coil 0,14 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 24 ga) with japanese organic cotton.

The Sherpas are an ethnic group native to the mountains of Nepal. The name Sherpa, from the early Himalayan expeditions, is used to identify the guides and porters hired high share of aid to the pioneers climbers. The origin of the population is Tibetan Sherpa truth. They migrated to a far more hostile climate (the Himalaya) in search of isolation.


Over the centuries, other reasons have prompted the migration of Tibetan people towards the acceptance Sherpa. The Chinese occupation of Tibet is an example. Their ability to adapt to the hostile climate favored, since the fifties, the toughest mountaineering expeditions, but also tragic that the high-altitude mountaineering history knows. Heroes humble and do not always remember … always.



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At Sherpas is dedicated this creation of Bombo E-liquid and it will be the description of the manufacturer to explain why:

Delicious frozen mousse of red fruit with liquorice scales you will enjoy the freshness of the fruits of harmonized woods with some touches of anise.

Sherpa Bombo e-liquid

The characteristics of the packaging of this product reflect those of other e-liquid of the same line already reviewed here in The Flavourist. This allows us to immediately address the odor test. Herbaceous notes stand out in a slightly acid distinctive frame of wild fruits. Fruit, red and wild, that does not express big nose strength. The impact of the aromatic construction is entrusted to green freshness, anise and licorice. Interesting bouquet.

aniceThe vape test will be made with a Bellus set in dual coil. For a power of 44,8w Sherpa reveals his cool mood and mildly flavored. The freshness of koolada, perceptible suction is strong and the first puffs fruity flavors appear elusive and not well-assignable. Yet the characteristics of the fruits of the forest, as mentioned during the olfactory examination, are perceptible. mild and acidic notes, little sugary. Anise and shading of licorice, accompany throughout the tasting, embellishing and enriching the freshness of Sherpa. A freshness ice impact, but not excessive.

mint-ice-cubes-ps-2Unfortunately, it’s not the red fruits starred in the recipe. The recipe appears unbalanced and less fruity than you might think. Sin. But actually it is true to the “frozen mousse red fruit” described by the manufacturer. A fruit mousse made by centrifuging ice (freshness) and red fruit. The result is very similar to the taste proposed by Sherpa. An aromatic level “compromise” by the presence of ice. watered-down fruit, frozen and fresher taste aromatic.

mousse frutti di bosco

The construction of Sherpa remains interesting. The feeling, wanting to find a plausible interpretation is that of a breath in the fresh air … the fresh mountain air, near a (slightly spicy) bush of berries. Anise use is smart, while Licorice is definitely an easily recalled quote from anise / koolada mix. Anise is well balanced and I would say almost unrecognizable. You hear it on the tongue and the tasters perceive definitely the most attentive. It is a pleasant “scaffolding” to the freshness of Sherpa. In the phase, the fresh impact aspiration in fact, is followed by a moment of reflection to which our brain is pushed by stimulation received by Koolada. This moment, which binds with the steam exhalation, is covered dall’anice and from what seem as licorice. The tasting is this. A reflection that you leave to go to stimoulate (many) from taste receptors, which transmit information to the brain. In The Flavourist we take care of that aspect of you … let the magic (when there is) an interesting taste, but not everyone can decipher. Many would say: “Peace to me, but I do not know why.” We must address those because and process all the information that we are able to compile, to propose techniques, not subjective assessments. Seems easy!?

frutti-di-boscoThe taste is pleasant, but the expressiveness of the fruit is of a high standard. Obviously feature in the manufacturer’s intentions. Sherpa is delicate, albeit cool. The scent does not go unnoticed and that describes an e-liquid “all day” that could excite many of the fruity liquids lovers. Often, especially when we talk about red fruits or wild berries, we are dealing with invasive aroma products. E-liquid, which inevitably can tire due to excessive aromatic load. The base (VG / PG) Sherpa, suggests a moderate vape, but I assure you that with a certain “compulsion”, the aromatic persistence of this product is pleasant. Otherwise, it may see flat in taste and no aromatic content of great value. Attention to the power of vape and at the temperatures reached dall’atom. Excessive powers, especially in this case, flatten the taste. The best tasting, you will get with the lunge aspirations, deep, between 40 and 50w. Play with the air control of your atom … you will discover that a closed pull reduces the freshness,  the aroma of anise and herbal notes … but in this case the fruit will be almost unrecognizable.

ico 3

Pro: The taste is pleasant and very delicate.

Cons: Changing and very sensitive to power settings of vape and atom air control. The expressiveness of the fruit is of a high standard. Motivated perhaps by the manufacturer’s desire to be a mousse made with a fruit and ice centrifuged.