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E-liquid review: Sicilia – linea Regionali (Tornado Juice) 60 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 07/2017

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base:  max VG

Expiry date: 07/2019

Devices: Geekvape Aegis 100 W + Dovpo Bushido II RDA dual coil 0,40 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg, 0.50 mm) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0

Today we resume our tour all made in Italy among the flavors of the “Regionals” by Tornado Juice brand. After Emilia we move to the deep south to taste and test the aromatic qualities of Sicily. If you are interested in reading other reviews about this manufacturer, I recommend to visit Tornado Juice page here on our blog where you will find the updated list of all articles written about this brand.

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The Sicilian bottle is a “unicorn bottle” in the Mix Series format of 50 + 10 ml on a max VG base; it is supplied inside a cardboard box with a simple but lively and colorful graphic, with a good visual impact. Each liquid of the line has the name of an Italian region because it follows some of the aromatic characteristics of the region it is inspired by.

Sicilia is officially described as follows:

The flagship of the Tornado Juice home desserts, it is difficult to find a description suitable to explain how good and unique is this complex mixture of creams, shortcrust pastry and lemon. This liquid must not and can not be missed by any lover of creamy and fruity, in the opinion of our customers, it is exceptional.

The lemon cake is without a doubt the e-liquid flavor most produced in the last two years. The overwhelming majority of world manufacturers have their own lemon cake recipe in their menu. On the market there are many interpretations, which are called Lemon pie, lemon tart, lemon cookies and so on, but they have  often a lemon cake taste and it must be said that, although not easy to make, it is a recipe that has achieved a very high standard of implementation.

Even the boys of Tornado Juice did not want to give up the creation of this type of e-juice, focusing in their case on an Italian raw material (of course) of great quality: the Sicilian lemons.

crema al limone

The olfactory analysis offers ideas worthy of interest and in-depth analysis. The fragrance that stands out in the first instance is obviously that of the lemon with its sharp and pungent notes. Could it be otherwise? But there is also a light alcohol background that goes with the lemon along with pleasant vanilla hints. This scenario leaves open field to the possibility that pure extracts of both lemon and vanilla have been used in this recipe. The general feeling is still very positive, even if it seems to my nose to see an abundant use of the lemon ingredient.

I rush to the vape test to reveal as soon as the merits and faults of this Sicily. The hardware configuration used for the occasion is the Aegis mod from Geekvape with Bushido II RDA from Dovpo.

crostata limone

At vape Sicillia keeps the promises made by the manufacturer in his official description. My taste buds immediately come across a mix of soft and voluptuous vanilla creams; a creamy mixture with incredible roundness, sweet but not too much, thanks to the evident and irrepressible lemon flavoring. Even at the vape I perceive the abundance of lemon sensed on the smell, not just a lemon juice or at least not just that… I do not miss the more intensely acid and pungent tips typical of a grated lemon rind. In pastry, lemon rind is widely used in the preparation of creams, often as a substitute for vanilla beans, to mitigate and control the strong egg scents of the cream itself.

On the occasion the nuances of lemon and vanilla are both in my opinion inside the recipe and they are free tasty and rich with each puff. The massive presence of these two components, however, does not produce any aromatic distortion in vaporization, indeed it is possible to notice an excellent balance between the sweet and creamy components and the acidity points of the lemon and the bourbon vanilla beans. The final effect is pleasantly spicy!

banner of geekvape aegis mod

Vaping Sicilia is therefore essentially tantamount to tasting a fat custard filled with vanilla nuances with a decisive aromatic enrichment based on lemon. The sensorial result is intriguing, a spicy perceived, sometimes almost exotic. Moreover, in the central phase of the puff, after giving the atomizer and the taste buds some minutes of running-in, some delicate fragrances of shortcrust pastry cake peep out, a base perhaps a little timid, but ideal to bring out the main aromas of the full bouquet.

That’s why this scenario, where the short pastry takes up only a role of supporting role compared to the vigorous lemon cream, brings to mind more than a cake, a pastry with lemon cream like the one in the picture below.

crostata crema di limone

What changes compared to a lemon cake and other recipes of this kind? In reality it changes too little, because as I anticipated at the beginning of review, it is a trusted recipe with some interesting light aromatic nuances . The version proposed by Tornado Juice however appears worthy of the right degree of attention among the infinite of this genre, especially for its cream with an almost spicy effect in an overall context of absolute naturalness.

ico 4

Pro: Excellent custard with lemon rind inserts for an intriguing and exotic mix.

Cons: Recipe now abused in the panorama of the vaping.