The Sigaro (“Cigar”) aroma is definitely the Italian producer Burning Flavours’ strong suit.

Sigaro is an aroma with no compromises and middle tones: you will either love it or hate it.

In my opinion this tobacco is a revisitation (well managed) of a Cohiba Cuban cigar even though on inhale there seem to be some scented/spicy notes which tend to dull out on higher wattages. Generally the aroma doesn’t seem particularly aggressive or strong, actually I would define it more delicate and refined.

As said earlier, if you appreciate instantly is an aroma which can be vaped for days and days, continuously, until you won’t perceive it anymore; on the other hand, Sigaro will not be liked on the first drag and cut out with no mid tones.

Recommended dilution: 5-8%

Steeping time: 1-2 days.

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