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Name e Format: Sinfonia Brebbia (Officine Svapo) – Concentrated aroma 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch:  OAE260318

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: Uwell Nunchaku 80w + EVL Vapors Reaper V3 RTA single coil 1.05 ohm (Ni80 28 AWG 0.32mm) with Fiber N’ Cotton.

Officine Svapo is one of the great Italian protagonists in the production of “organic” tobacco aromas, that is derived from a natural raw material, in this case true tobacco. The company from Milan has for several years signed a collaboration agreement with Brebbia, a historic Italian brand known for its production of high quality pipes and for the sale of pipe tobaccos.

In 2018 The Flavourist reviewed some Officine Svapo’s creations, in particular we mention Brebbia 70o Anniversario, awarded by our team as “Best Tobacco Blend e-juice” at the International Vape E-liquid Award. Today we want to deal with another aroma created by Officine Svapo, an aroma that, although not very recent, we feel the duty to taste, if only because it is considered almost by popular acclaim, the workhorse of this company. We are talking about Sinfonia Brebbia.

Officine Svapo Sinfonia aroma

The bottle of the Sinfonia aroma is glass bottle with a classic pipette dropper. The label shows, besides the product name, the prohibition for children under 18 and the indication of aroma dilution. The information on the label is completed, with the details of the manufacturer, the batch number and the expiry date.

Officine Svapo describes its Sinfonia in this way:

Miscela di tabacchi Brebbia per un liquido piacevole da assaporare per tutto il giorno. Le note di tabacco Virginia e Black Cavendish rendono corposità al liquido, addolcito da una leggera fragranza dolce dalle note di arancia e prugne gialle.

Brebbia tobacco mixture for a pleasant e-liquid to be savored all day long. The notes of Virginia tobacco and Black Cavendish give body to the e-liquid, sweetened by a light sweet fragrance with notes of orange and yellow plums.


The usual smell test, precedent as always the actual tasting of the e-liquid, specially prepared and left to steep for about a month, puts us in front of an aroma with delicate and soft tones, in which it is easy to identify the vegetable stamp and sweetish Virginia tobacco. Whispered perfumes embrace us at the opening of the bottle, making us imagine a gentle e-liquid whose noble fragrance seems ideally created for the spring season, that of the slow awakening of the senses.

For today’s vape test, we decided to use EVL Vapors RTA Reaper V3 atomizer, which we will talk about in the coming days, an ideal atomizer for a MTL vape designed to enhance the roundness and sweet and aromatic characteristics of a e-liquid.

EVL Reaper V3 03


Have you ever heard Mozart’s Symphony No. 23? Well, Sinfonia Brebbia by Officine Svapo draws its inspiration from this composition of the Genius of music. Allegro Spiritoso, Andantino grazioso, Presto solo, are the three speeds of the symphony. Listen to it because in the vaping of the e-liquid Sinfonia, you will find yourself exactly in the same joyful atmosphere of Mozart’s work.

From the moment of inspiration, the puffs immediately appear lively and sweet; a sense of gracefulness envelops the palate and the taste buds seem to be captivated by aromatic nuances almost suspended within a dreamy atmosphere. The bouquet is soft and harmonious, the Virginia tobacco and Black Cavendish blend masterfully to give us a gentle and light puff. The Black Cavendish files the minimum acidulous spikes of Virginia, so that the tobacco structure appears almost barely touched.

All the roundness of the Symphony is more evident in the heart of the puff, when the grassy nuances of the two tobaccos interpenetrate with other aromatic fragrances that we struggle to identify individually. The manufacturer tells us about yellow plums and orange peel, but honestly we can’t really perceive their individual cues. Let it be clear, there is no flattening of the aromatic structure; on the contrary, a complex mixture emerges and takes on enchanting floral tones and almost honeyed nuances.

virginia leaf

Sinfonia allows itself an amiable puff after puff with the typical grace of a fragrant field of flowers. It is the spirit of spring that gently hovers inside its refined vapors.

It is an all day tobacco e-juice, very suitable for lovers of lighter and aromatic tobaccos, but due to its peculiarities and its absolutely uncommon flavors, it could be easily appreciated even by vapers more prone to vaping dark and vigorous tobaccos.

Graceful and musical with a noble feminine imprint, kissed by the spring sun and perfect to be dusted off, ops sorry, vaped in the warmth of the coming months.

Suggested dilution: 20%

Steeping time:  10-12 days

ico 5

Pro: Never a name was more appropriate. A symphony of tobacco fragrances.

Cons: –