Name: Sky Solo Plus (Vaporesso) – Kit received by the manufacturer

Format: 3000 mAh battery on board

Max Power: 90Watt

Colors: ,Stainless Steel, Full Black, Black & Gold, Rainbow.

Price: ~ € 30

The new all-in-one branded Vaporesso finally arrives …

Who does not know Vaporesso? The answer is simple, nobody. Surely the great majority of us at least once has come across one of the many products that the Chinese company has entered the market in recent years, in fact Vaporesso has managed to create a large catalog suitable to meet the needs of each vapers from the beginner to more experienced trying to conquer us with always innovative and well-made products.

Today we will talk with you about an AIO kit (all in one) for a pulmonary shot. The Sky Solo, produced in two versions a plus and a standard, the plus that we will try today with you differs from the younger brother for the capacity of the integrated battery that leads to have smaller dimensions and a lower capacity of liquid.

Let’s start by looking at the contents of the package together.


1 x SKY SOLO PLUS kit (8ml)
2 x GT Meshed coil 0.18Ω
4 x O-rings di ricambio
1 x USB cable
1 x User Manual


The Sky Solo Plus model is presented simply as a classic cylindrical tube, with a simple and clean design. The body is made entirely of stainless steel with an excellent anodized finish. The base has a silver plated finish and also the initial part of the tube where we find the air holes, no notch is present on this because the air is not adjustable. On the body very simple we find a nice fire button finished in soft plastic and with a beautiful embossed design that increases the grip, everything is surrounded by a nice LED that has bright colors and on the back we find the USB socket for charging.

Being an AIO kit the resistance must be installed directly on the upper part of the tube, just screw it on and put the upper part of the tank, the plastic drip tip seems very resistant.

Holding the hand the tube returns a feeling of solidity and robustness really incredible. The activation button, located at the top of the tube, does not have any play and has a very short stroke. We can say that it behaves perfectly and above all it is easily reachable with any type of handle.

Thus ends our description a simple and practical tube.


The cylindrical shape of the Sky Solo Plus ensures excellent ergonomics although the overall weight of the kit is about 220g a weight not too low but is perfectly in line with the dimensions that are with tank mounted 130 mm in height and 30mm in circumference, in a pocket will not be noticed excessively. Surely the slight overweight is due to the use of materials, but personally I prefer a good resistance to a lightness that often binds with weakness, general structure, being however a kit suitable for beginners or “battle mod for the more experienced “.


Let’s take a look at the functions present on this mod. Recall that it is a semi-mechanical, which then will deliver the watts based on the installed resistance, with a maximum cutoff of 90w. So with the battery charged we will have the maximum watts available that will decrease with the discharge of the battery until we have to recharge. The tube is equipped with OMNI board Mini a chip designed to adapt to these semi mechanical boxes providing the end user with all the protections of the case, then allows you to turn the mod on and off with the usual 5 clicks has an over burn protection that cuts the delivery after 8 seconds that the fire button is pressed, low power protection, protection against short circuits and protection against resistance too low. Nothing else to report.

But how is this atomizer going? As mentioned the resistance is directly mounted on the pin of the box to which the glass tank with the plastic drip tip will be screwed on. The resistances that are given to us are the new designed mesh, which are described by the manufacturer suitable to maximize the contact surface between coil and cotton in order to obtain better aromatic performance and with a dense and persistent yield.


One word to describe this product: User friendly! Vaporesso has certainly decided to create an easy product for everyone. The ease of approaching the mod without having to go crazy among abstruse combinations of keys is the strength of this tube that does not regret the settings of the watts or the tiny screens. Here everything is within reach after opening it in 3 minutes you will already be on the sofa to make big and fat clouds of steam.



Once done the simple operation of refill removing the cap above by inserting our bottle in the large loop we close the whole and proceed with the first clouds. The resistance inside is on 0.18ohm and the aromatic restitution is really rich tasty and full, the steam is quite hot and the notes are never cut off indeed the aromatic spectrum that is returned to us is very detailed on this type of resistances liquids creamy are slightly enhanced by increasing the creaminess and returning a lasting sweet sensation of all the liquids I have tried inside, the resistance behaves excellently and manages to catch any type of liquid, producing a large amount of steam even with the progress of the battery discharge, the chip works well and you can not perceive big differences between the full and the almost empty battery. The shot is fluid and constant although it is not possible to regulate the air which remains always open and returns a sufficiently open lung roll. The consumption of liquid at least at the beginning until the cotton does not start properly is very high but fortunately the 8ml tank is able to keep up even the compulsive vapors.

A small note the heat of resistance is not perceived on the glass tank but at the base where the resistance pin is located but does not spread throughout the tube remaining concentrated in that area.

The new generation resistances to mesh behave very well and do not create any problem even in duration, in fact we can safely use it for about 80ml without having to replace it.



Vaporesso has created a real starter kit suitable for those looking for simplicity and immediacy of use suitable to satisfy both those who are now facing this world and those looking for something practical without having to bring out the most valuable mods. In fact, during our tests we did not notice the difference in terms of aromatic compared to more blazoned atoms this tube behaves very well and is also extremely captivating .. great job.

Recommended to: skilled e hardcore vapers.

  • 7/10
    In the Box - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Design & Build Quality - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Ergonomics & Portability - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Functions & Performances - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Ease of use - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Flavor - 8/10

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