Name e Format: S’more (Cyberflavours) – aroma concentrato 10 ml –  ricevuto dal produttore


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Decalred base: 50VG/50PG

Expiry date:

Devices: iStick Pico 75w + Vampire V2 coil 0.75 ohm (N80 0.28 awg) con Fiber N’ Cotton

After the great success obtained with the debut of the first product of the Cyberflavour house on these pages, today we return to talk about the aroi of our local company that has become rooted in our market since the dawn of the vape, involving more and more vapers every day and churning out products of sure level, suitable both for those who are at the first approach and for the most experienced vapers in search of simplicity.

The feedback received after Pisbakko, of which you can find our impressions by simply clicking on the link, made us understand the growing interest in this type of products that deviate from the most complex liquids and make their interpretation easy and their availability at the same time of availability, the key to being able to spread in the homes of each vapers. Cyberflavour, always attentive to the needs, introduces us into its endless list of aromas that vary in every field from fruity liquids to creamy liquids up to tobacco and flavored tobaccos.

So the time has come to bring on these pages another great classic, which has always attracted a large slice of fans and that finds its origins in an American liquid that made the history of this boundless universe. Let’s talk today about S’more di Cyberflavour. We want to remember, in fact, that in their attempt to reach more possible vapers these aromas are synthetic and therefore do not contain extracts that make the use of regenerable atoms necessary, making them suitable both for those who are beginners and also for the more experienced. It is de S’more is described thus by the producer:

A traditional American dessert revisited in an all-Italian style.

The description of the producer creates an aura of mystery around this liquid, but here the label placed on the bottle helps us, in fact in first impression we find the classic traditional sweet of United States of America and Canadac which consists of a heated marshmallow placed between two whole wheat flour biscuits together with one or two layers of chocolate. And this is exactly what we expect to find in this liquid, but obviously revisited to satisfy our delicate and severe Italian palates.

I will not dwell much on the description of the bottle which is in the classic aroma style, so a 10ml bottle of concentrated aroma. The label as well as being a source of inspiration gives us all the information with a nice and clean graphic. Furthermore we remind that the aroma should be diluted as indicated on the label in this case 8-10%.


Start the olfactory test by trying to “nose” the ingredients of this typical American dessert.

The first approach leaves no doubt about the predominant olfactory, from the bottle emerges a decided and greedy scent of chocolate, quite intense but at times slightly turns on the “too synthetic”, it does not make us turn up our nose too much, given the nature of the product we are trying . The elements within it blend together transmitting creamy and rich tastes that shift attention to some slightly sugary fringes, typical of the marshmallow taste, which as we know is one of the characteristic elements of the recipe. Finally it is really an arduous task to rediscover the fragrance of the biscuit that we will surely find again as an element in the vaporization test, this suggests that it was used only to favor an overall balance of the liquid by damping the sweet tones of an excellent cream.


Immediately after the first puff, everything acquires a sense. S’more is exactly what we expected a pleasant liquid, suitable for everyone, whose strength is chocolate notes well blended with marshmallow sugar and well balanced by an almost buttery biscuit flavor. everything is completed by forming a sweet cream that gladdens our papillae.

Trying to get more into the liquid in the foreground we find a fat aromatic roundness that tends to classic flavors of a cream rich in sweet chocolate at the right point and that lends itself well to being tested for its full and fat aromatic notes. Unlike what we expected the second element we find is the biscuit that thanks to an abundant note of butter transforms everything giving almost the feeling that the chocolate has been spread over it, the two flavors come together creating a delicious sensation of butter and chocolate that surely can satisfy the palate of cream lovers. All this is not too excessive and we will hardly saturate our taste buds too quickly.

Only in the final part of the puff we can perceive some lash of slightly vanilla sugar that we attribute to the marshmallow, but that nevertheless remains in the shade going to balance the recipe with some slightly pungent but well inserted note in all the aromatic context.

The overall result is very simple and in any case successful, the creamy base supports the aromatic composition, making the puff, creamy and delicious, transferring to our palate sugary and basically buttery sensations, only in the second stage the other ingredients intervene releasing their tastes in a delicate way.

The guys at Cyberflavour succeed in their intent to create something suitable for all types of palate, a good liquid with a synthetic character that will surely be appreciated for its sweet and creamy notes and certainly suitable for new vapers but also for those who want to break the usual routine.

Pro: Sweet and tasty cream all day long and for all vapers.

Cons: Little present the marshmallow.