Name e Format: Sorrento Fog (Premium Labs)- concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 25 PG / 75 VG

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: SVA Penguin BF + wasp nano RDA  parallel coil  0.25 ohm (26 ga SS316) con Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

With the arrival of the new year we certainly could not forget who since the birth of the vape was a pivotal point and that each have invested in this sector to always bring news and products of almost certain success. We are talking about the guys from Premium Labs who made their first appearance on these pages a few years ago. The Canadian boys in recent years have created a real empire of brands and liquids that by now almost can not count each brand is characterized by peculiar names and characteristics that do not go unnoticed. At this time the company is expanding and is about to land in Latin America and now has about fifty brands that we can find on the shelves around the world.

But coming back to us, today we are ready to write another page of history both for TheFlavourist and for Premium Labs which is presented with the World’s Best Custard line, a line dedicated to the best pastry in the world, where we find the most delicious recipes collected from everywhere, that after having completed their work satisfying our palates, they will try to give us the same emotions even in a “flimsy” form.

The World’s Best Custard Series line includes the beauty of 9 ready-made liquids, and in your opinion, in the best pastry shops in the world, could we miss Italians? Obviously not! In fact today we will be in the company of Sorrento Fog. A liquid inspired by the Sorrento tradition that is described by the producers:

Italian lemon custard, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with Graham crackers.

The description can not help but let us fly with the imagination, certainly we are faced with something really greedy, loosely inspired by our local pastry that makes great use of lemons in pastry, but still wants to put his own adding Graham Graham crackers which is widely used in Canadian and American areas.

We can not dwell much on the bottle because we have received a test sample of about 5ml, which however presents a captivating graphic on a black background with golden shades, this texture makes everything slightly aged. On the label we find the name of both the line and the liquid. We are sure that on the market you will find the classic chubby with the usual 60 ml of liquid.

premium labs best custard


The olfactory test is immediately intense once the small bottle is opened, we are greeted by a dense and fresh sour sensation, it is definitely the lemon that takes possession of the scene and it seems almost do not want to leave. Everything is embellished with fatty and very buttery tails that almost certainly are part of both the cream and the part of whipped cream that with their union create an intense olfactory golisity. The Graham crackers, on the other hand, is hardly perceptible, in fact, with difficulty we can perceive the characteristics that we can try to imagine in this liquid like that slightly biscuit base, which we find at the end of our olfactory test.

Sorrento fog


Before starting the vape test we wanted to add that certainly these liquids are designed for a cloud quite driven even the particular composition gives us a further confirmation to get the most out of this recipe we have to try medium-high wattages with adequate strength.

The steam at the beginning of the puff is expressed in a rich and full but the first sensation that surrounds us is that slightly bitter and fresh of a fat and full-bodied lemon cream that fills our palate with simplicity but at the same time with confidence and fullness. The ingredients of the recipe overlook the scene in an almost sequential and at the center of the mouth we find a tasty feeling of whipped cream that comes to us showing its buttery side and light vanilla, everything is enriched with sensations of biscuit, slightly charred and not sweet we attribute to the graham cracker that finds its maximum expression at the end of the puff.

The svapata is overall really tasty and full, a recipe that certainly is not innovative and that finds very common elements, which have made the fortune of these liquids from the cloud. The ingredients are certainly of good quality and you can not perceive too synthetic and not real flavors, indeed we can say that the taste of lemon is likely. However, we find, on the whole, a slightly unbalanced taste as a whole that pushes too much on the general sweetness of the liquid and that the fresh acidity of the lemon can not counteract.

Crema al limone

A broad line eliquid successful and that certainly fits all types of vapers and palates, despite its often excessive sweetness is well defended in the world of cloud liquids for its qualities such as simplicity and immediacy from good ingredients.

ico 3

Pro: Lemon cream is delicious.

Cons: Slightly abundant presence of sugar.