E-liquid review: Space cake (Dutch Amsterdam) 30 ml

Declare base: n.d.

Batch: SCA3-0630

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: 06/18

Devices: Eleaf iStick TC60W + Hobo 3.1 RDA atomizer single coil 0.4 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 awg 0.40 mm ) with Native Wicks cotton.

Do you know what a Space Cake is?

If you’ve been at least once in Amsterdam, you probably already know what I am talking about, because almost all Amsterdam coffee shops have a Space Cake in their “menu”. This confectionary product has now reached an incredible reputation. A space cake is something astonishing, spatial. A tasty pie enriched with the inebriating and unbridled strength of Cannabis!

Obviously from Holland also comes the Space Cake e-liquid recipe. The brand that produces it is Dutch Amsterdam, and the e-liquid we are going to review is called Space Cake.

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On the official site of the producer, Space Cake is presented as follows:

Amsterdam offers many pleasures for the senses, among them the best weed on the planet. We made it happen, the first of its kinds, a freshly baked Space Cake with the best weed flavor you can image. A true ADV for all weed lovers. Remark: Space Cake doesn’t contain any THC or CBD, the weed flavor is extracted from terpines. Its 100% organic, foodgrade quality and thus stimulating for health and wellbeing.

The bottle in our possession is a 30 ml black glass bottle with a child proof cap and a glass dropper with beak tip. This is a bottle pre-TPD recently replaced with a 10 ml bottle TPD compliant. The product’s graphics are very sober and elegantly black.

On the smell this e-liquid promises very well. An intense, spicy, pungent scent of grass lurks inside the nostrils wrapped with delicious vanilla and butter notes. Fragrances that evoke the entrance into an ancient and prestigious pastry shop. If on the smell Space Cake looks quite inviting, on vape is surprising and “transgressive”.

A well-articulated mix and above all a unique aromatic approach. Unmistakable hints of unburned grass blend on a soft, damp, fragrant pastry base. Intriguing and perfectly successful match.


From the first to the last puff the sensory experience is a pure and unconditional pleasure. The power of the grass sometimes seems to transcend any other component present in this incredible recipe, but it is not so because, with the succession of puffs, it will not be difficult to notice the presence of a greasy and voluptuous cake with a lot of palatable butter, which creates a scary sensual mix.

After a few break-in puffs, risen from initial stunning, you can see more clearly the ingredients of the bouquet. In the inspiration phase emerges the aromatic roundness of the cake, which in all of its fragrance carries us to the heart of vaping, in the kingdom of the otherworldly space, where the exaltation of the aromatic structure of the marijuana has no bounds. A swirl of sweet, fruity and spicy nuances for the complete abandonment of the senses.


The exhalation phase is also rich and exhilarating. The strong and natural smell of terpenes persists convincing among the papillae of the vaper, inebriated also by the dense and fat vapor that the liquid produces. It will be a case, but Space Cake is also a highly resinous and viscous liquid. But will it really be a case?

After so many and vain attempts to replicate the taste of the weed in an e-juice, we finally find ourselves in front of absolute excellence. The Dutch Amsterdam boys have not only extracted terpenes (the aromatic part) of cannabis with absolute perfection, but they have done a lot more, intelligently recreating the tasty recipe of a real Space Cake and emulating completely the aphrodisiac aromatic sensations. Super quality and fidelity.

At the next Woodstock it will be vaped Space Cake!

ico 5

Pro: Sublime interpretation of a true Space Cake.

Contro: – 

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