Name: Space Mod Pod (Vapeonly) – received by Heavengifts

Type: Mod Pod Kit

Colors: Brown leather, Lava resin, Green resin, Black carbon fiber – gray frame, Black carbon fiber – black frame

Price: ~ € 37

Space the Mod Pod with 18650 battery by Vapeonly

Today I am going to tell you about a new product by Vapeonly, an Asian manufacturer that has been particularly active on the e-cig market since the second half of 2019. The product I am about to consider is the Space kit, a mod pod or if you want a all-in-one pocket kit, powered by a 18650 rechargeable battery. It is a device that falls into the big category of entry level products but which, due to the choice of the non-integrated battery, is also intended for users not really novice. In short, a device that could interst all the vapers which, after purchasing their first device, are looking for a second, slightly more advanced vaping system.

I start as usual by looking at the contents of the package in my possession (I remember that it is a sample package that may slightly differ from the one on sale).


1 x Vapeonly Space Mod
1 x Space atomizer (0.6 ohm)
1 x Spare coil (0.4 ohm )
1 x Type-C USB cable
1 x Manuale
1 x Warranty card


Space Mod Pod is an all-in-one pocket box. Its classic parallelepiped shape, although slightly rounded, and the fire button on one of the two main faces of the box, give it a very familiar look. The mod clearly makes the verse to a box from the second half of 2017 that met enormous success especially among passionate collectors and also to a more recent and equally famous one from 2019. Space is simple, linear and graceful from an aesthetic point of view and although it does not introduce anything new in terms of design, I must say that it is very pleasant. A proven aesthetic solution with a sure appeal.

From the constructive point of view, the device, made of aluminum alloy with the chromium plated brass fire button and the tank/atomizer made in PCTG, is undoubtedly of excellent workmanship. The quality is very high especially considering that it is still an entry level product; in my opinion it is abundantly above the market average for its category. In summary Space has a commendable finish, is solid, compact and stable.

As mentioned above, the round fire button, very pleasant to the touch, is positioned on one of the two main faces of the box, while the display (0.69″) and the function keys are inside, under the removable panel that gives access to the tank and battery compartment. Outside, on a side edge, there is the USB Type-C charging port.

I close this chapter regarding design and quality, saying that the ergonomics of the product are also very good; the device holds well and although is not very small, it is quite handy and easily transportable.


Space Mod Pod measures 91 mm in height, 49 mm in width and 24.1 mm in thickness for a total weight of about 99 gr (about 145 gr with a 18650 battery). USB type-C charging at 2A allows you to recharge a 18650 battery in about 1.5-2 hours (obviously depends on the battery model). It is good to remember, however, that if you have a desktop charger, it is always preferable to use this one for recharging the battery.

Vapeonly also with Space chooses to follow the same path taken with the Mind Pro kit, providing the device with a simple circuit in functions but with the advantage of being very easy and intuitive to approach. The maximum power that can be reached with the Space mod chipset is 60 watts, but at the moment none of the coils supplied by the manufacturer can reach this power. It is desirable that will be created in the future a coil to reach the maximum power supplied by the circuit.

The switching on/off takes place with the canonical sequence of five close clicks of the fire button, while the other operations are carried out by operating on the function keys next to the display under the removable panel. The vaping modes provided by the circuit, selectable thanks to the central button “M”, are three: Power, Volt and Simple.

In Power mode the user can vary the supply power with 0.1 watt increments, using the “+” and “-” buttons. The circuit recognizes the value of the coil inside the tank and sets a maximum output limit. Same thing happens in Volt mode, that allows the vaper to act on the volts instead and, also in this case, the circuit automatically establishes the maximum output voltage based on the coil value.

Finally, in Simple mode, specially designed for the less experienced vapers, it is possible to choose only three different levels of intensity: high, mid and low (the manufacturer does not provide indications on the volts corresponding to these three levels of intensity).

The tank of the Space Mod Pod is built in PCTG and has a capacity of 3.5 ml in the standard version and 2 ml in the TPD version. The replaceable coils made for this tank are the VAir-Mi series already seen in the Mind Pro kit. The package contains the 0.6 ohm coil (range 15-22 watts) and a second 0.4 ohm coil (power range 25 -36 watts), both designed for a flavor chasing vape (restricted DL vape); on the market there is a third 1.2 ohm coil designed purely for MTL vape (range 9-13 watts).

From the manufacturer’s website, I learn that an RBA base has also been created to transform the kit into a rebuildable device. At the base of the cartridge/tank there is a single slot airflow ring  which can be completely partialized.


It’s really easy to replace the coil on the Space Mod Pod. After extracting the tank from the mod, all you have to do is remove the base of the atomizer and then unscrew the coil from the base itself. Once a new head coil is inserted inside the tank, you can proceed with the refilling of the e-liquid, this operation also quite simple because it is sufficient to remove the silicone cap and fill in the e-liquid using the hole available, comfortable for almost all kinds of bottles.


As already said in the review of the Mind Pro and being the same coils, I repeat that from the aromatic point of view the Vapeonly coils are quite good, they are sure in the market average. With the 0.6 ohm coil, the vaping has a good aromaticity both in DL and also in MTL (with the airflow ring closed) but you have to replace the drip tip supplied with another one with an outlet hole smaller than the one supplied (diameter of about 5 mm).

The ideal power for this coil is between 18 and 20 watts, but if you want to have a MTL vape I recommend to not exceed 16.5 watts. Quite similar to the 0.6 ohm coil are the aromatic performances of the 0.4 ohm coil, with which there is a classic restricted flavor chasing vape in a optimal range between 25 and 30 watts.

Considering also that I have not encountered any condensation problem nor annoying situations of spit back, I can judge the performance of the device positively, even if I recommend to the manufacturer a further upgrade of the coil performances, so as to bring them closer to the top of the category.


The Space Kit is in my opinion certainly better than the Mind Pod Pro kit seen a few weeks ago. It is a very interesting product both for totally inexperienced vaper and for skilled users, especially thanks to the 18650 battery solution. Undoubtedly a good entry level device.

Suggested to: newbies and skilled vapers.

  • 8/10
    In the Box - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9/10
  • 7.5/10
    Features - 7.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Coiling, Wicking and Filling - 9.5/10
  • 8/10
    Performances and Flavour - 8/10

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