Describing the Ex Fumo Dare Lucem aromas, created by the genius mind of Odriù (AKA Angelo Orazio Pregoni) is so complicated and difficult that even the best aromatier in the world wouldn’t do enough.

Odriù’s aromas have been created with peculiar techniques and very different compared to the usual ones implemented in e-liquids production.

Each and every aroma in this range have been crafted mixing skillfully about 15 different aromas with a flavour, a background note which distinguishes each of them; in this way it’s impossible to grasp all the shades and notes composing them. In Spartacus’ case, the background flavour is truffle.

As for Crixus’ description I think it’s best to let the producer speak about it:

Fascinating, with a strong character, with no compromises. Riotous and rebel, it develops itself between intense earth and grass shades, zesty macerated fruits recalls and mineral notes with light burnt wood smokey notes.
Ex Fumo crafted for the most “expert” ones, who can appreciate the highly solid structure.
Excellent with the greatest red wines, either Bordeaux-based or great Italian ones such as Barolo or Brunello di Montalcino. It can be accompanied by ripe and savoury cheeses, wild game, spicy exotic dishes. Great in open air, where it maintains all its fragrance.

It’s interesting how, after the firstdrag where truffle emerges imperiously, this note tends to disappear slowly drag after drag (tastebuds will get used to truffle and they start noticing it less and less) leaving place to other peculiar fragrances.

For Spartacus as well, the best advice I can give due to the absolutely new nature of this product, is to try it.

Recommended dilution: 20-25%

Steeping time: instantly available.

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