illusions vapor

E-liquid review: Spellbound (Illusions Vapor) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: SPL128050317

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 80VG – 20PG

Expiry date: 05/2019

Devices: Rx200 + Shingen rda dualcoil 0,18 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Today we present you Spellbound. Fourth Review for The Flavourist of the Canadian brand Illusions Vapor. As you have understood, when we talk about this brand, we speak of high quality and careful selection of aromatic nuances that can offer curious recipes. Appetizing. Adding them in their own way. Perhaps, we will have to see it, on the paper, Spellbound will appear simple, but … be very careful … so it is not. An Illusion!

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A mesmerizing blend of juicy nectarine lightly sweetened with refreshing sugar cane juice.

Let’s go over the packaging of the product. On The flavorist this aspect has already been dealt with. The Illusions Vapor product, in addition to the good presence of packaging, is perfectly in line with European standards. It is also distributed to Europe by RVG Distribution Ltd (UK).

Olfactory examination, all the typical clarity of this brand is unveiled slipping on soft peach. Velvety. In fact it would be nectarine. From the point of view smell it is not easy to bring you a real difference between peach and nectarine. In the case of Spellbound, this aroma is intimately incorporated into a rich and inviting sugar body. What in the description is referred to as sugar cane . Olfactory seems to slip on the smooth skin of a fresh nectarine. Great perfume. Assonances with aquamarine and slight floral nuances in the fruity head note.


Here are the indispucible protagonists of this recipe. Nectarine! Precisely right away it will certainly not be a Spellbound tasting to resolve the doubt about the concrete differences in aromatic perceptible between peach and nectarineg. In short, we will understand why. The same motivation forces us to frame Spellbound as a creamy e-liquid … and not a fruity, although it is clear that its main ingredient is a fruit.

Spellbound does not need any break-in. Its taste is pure and incisive. Direct, but deeply delicate and elegant. An undoubtedly fruity elegance rich in vivid aromatic notes, but marked by the association with what is described in the description as “cane sugar”. I do not agree. It’s not a cane sugar, it’s … an excellent interpretation of a caramel made of pure and simple sugar. If it had been really treated with cane sugar, we would have perceived in the fruity body a mild amber frame … typical of cane sugar. But if it’s just sugar and peach … nectarine excuse, why not consider it a fruity?

Sugar zucchero

Spellbound does not have the actual characteristics of a creamy e-liquid. The mix made by Illusions Vapor paints a nectarine above every expectation, pointing to the “creamy” field. Magic is all about choosing the ingredients, the aromas, the selected additives, and the meticulous search for the perfection that this Canadian brand can not hide. Nectarine and sugar … it seems easy! But so it is not.

The Spellbound flavor is lovely. Feminine undoubtedly, but appreciated by anyone who has a desire for fruity elegance and intense softness. As with the olfactory test, Spellbound slides on a smooth skin and then falls into a compact and velvety high-sugar fishy pulp, in a round luster of intense scents.

caramelle frutta bocca

But tell the truth … also because we at The Flavourist are here for this and we do it for our readers. Before being a reviewer, we are attentive Vapers and  tastings. We have enough method and ethics to frame aromatic shades and products. Spellbound, with no aromatic seduction, the illusion on which the name of this brand plays (Illusions Vapor), is a fruit candy. Nectarine? Maybe, but how many would understand it? It’s the weird color candy, many of us, who we really like, but who are not always able to understand. One of the best snatches in this year’s reviews.

ico 3

Pro: Great richness of aromatic content and detail. Everything for an insane fruit caramel.

Cons: Nothing to report.