Name and Format: Spitfire (TNT Vape) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 0 650414 921189 (bar code)

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Used Base: 50 PG / 45 VG / 5 H2O

Expiry date: 05/18/2021

Devices: Flash e-Vapor RTA 4.5 S single coil 1.1 ohm (Ni80 29 AWG); Kizoku Limit MTL RTA single coil 0.9 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 AWG) with Native Wicks Platinum blend cotton.

In the world of pipe tobaccos, the English mixture is certainly the best known mixture ever, the most widespread and the most popular among fans of slow smoking. The origins of the English blend can be traced back to the beginning of the 1900s, when in the United Kingdom, following the provisions of the law which prohibited the use of aromatic additives in tobacco products (vanilla, cherries, rum, etc.), the tobacco manufacturers began to produce pipe blend using tobacco capable of providing the highest possible aromatic intake, such as Latakia tobacco and Perique, which were added in percentages more or less accentuated to the traditional Virginia and Oriental. These historical facts have led to defining as English Blend a blend of pipe tobacco containing Virginia, Oriental, Latakia and Perique.

Even when we talk about vape organic tobacco, there is no doubt that one of the most well-made e-liquid recipes is that which refers to the well-known English pipe mix. Currently there is not  in the world real tobacco extract manufacturer that has never attempted an English blend e-liquid.

Today I will try the English mixture made by the Italian company TNT Vape whose name, in my opinion somewhat captivating, is Spitfire. Spitfire is marketed in the 10 ml concentrated aroma format to be diluted to 10-12% with a base of vegetable glycerol and propylene glycol to obtain the liquid ready to vape in the recommended composition VPG 50/50.

TNT Vape thus officially describes its Spitfire aroma:

Fine English Mixture: il Latakia domina questa mistura, appena addolcita dal Virginia, resa ancora più corposa da un’aggiunta di Perique e aromatica grazie a due varietà di Oriental. Una continua scoperta di sfumature ad ogni tiro.

Fine English Mixture: Latakia dominates this blend, just sweetened by Virginia, made even more full-bodied by an addition of Perique and aromatic thanks to two varieties of Oriental. A continuous discovery of shades with each puff.


The smoked imprint of Latakia tobacco is immediately evident on the smell test and is well supported by an equally clear and vivid Virginia tobacco plant background. The aromatic balance between these two tobaccos appears flawless, while the contribution of Oriental and Perique tobaccos seems to be missing. Overall, the smell test gives me a medium-strong blend that seems perfectly calibrated for a satisfying and never shy all day vape.


I am going to prepare for my tasting of Spitfire for which I used the 4.5 S version of the famous German atom Flash e-Vapor and the eclectic and versatile Limit MTL RTA by Kizoku.


On vape the sensations change and not a little compared to the smell test, and Spitfire is much richer and more multifaceted than feared as a result of the nasal test. Delicate but very noble, grassy and spicy notes emerge immediately in inhalation, sustained loudly and almost pushed by a moderate smoked component. Latakia does not burst onto the scene with the usual vehemence that is typically attributed to it, but on the contrary its presence supports the freshness of its Oriental cousins in an ensemble of absolute prestige.

In the heart of the puff, the nuances of Oriental tobaccos fade, to make room for the rounder hints of Virginia and a Latakia “Rossini crescendo”. The blend acquires body, the whole aromatic structure is strengthened while maintaining the right fullness of taste. The plant stamps of Virginia from the rear manage the strength of a smoked Latakia, but for its part, it must be said, even a little incensed. The vape is certainly dry and woody, but its tones are never rough and sharp.

Never as in the case of an English e-liquid organic mixture, we can affirm how much a vaping recalls with a very good approximation the sensory experience of a pipe smoke; Spitfire in my opinion is a clear and brilliant demonstration. The climax of this assonance between pipe and vape is reached in the final stages of the puff, in exhalation, when comes out all the complexity and richness of such a well-articulated and balanced blend.

Excellent aromatic yield on both atomizers chosen for the occasion: more decisive and penetrating the flavor that returns with the FEV 4.5 S, slightly softer and rounded the aromatic performances of Limit by Kizoku. Overall, however, more than satisfactory performance.

Spitfire: the TNT Vape “sputafuoco” is sure suitable for any time of the day.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 2-3 days

Pro: An excellent english blend. Balanced to perfection to be a very valid all day vape

Cons: What if there was also a little more Perique?

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