Name: STNG MTL RDA (Wotofo) – Atomizer – received by the manufacturer

Type: RDA Atomizer with BF pin

Colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Gold, Blue, Rainbow

Price: ~ € 30

STNG Wotofo’s first MTL atomizer

Wotofo is an Asian manufacturer well-known within the hard vapers community for having created some particularly innovative, high-performance and highly successful commercial devices in recent years. For purely informative purposes for the less experienced or simply to refresh the memory a bit, let us cite in purely alphabetical order the Profile atomizer (in its various versions), the Recurve and the Serpent Elevate atomizer.

The STNG atomizer that we will be dealing with today, is an absolute novelty for Wotofo, because for the first time the Chinese company is engaging in a real MTL vape device. It is important to remember that the new Wotofo project was realized in collaboration with the famous Russian youtuber “Vapor Place”, also known as “Uncle Stas”.

We start as usual by looking at the contents of the package.


1 x Dual Core Fused Clapton Coil
1 x Single-Strand Coil
1 x User Manual
1 x Extra Drip Tip
1 x Cross Head Screwdriver
1 x Allen Key
1 x Cotton Strip
1 x bag O-rings


The atomizer has a diameter of 22 mm and is made of stainless steel with gold-plated pins (the manufacturer does not provide information on the type of steel and gold plating). The construction quality is very good, perfectly in line with the Wotofo productions and in general with the recent creations by the most famous Chinese manufacturers on the market. The STNG does not regret at all from the constructive point of view, it is well finished and above all it does not present imperfections of workmanship. Good is the resistance of the two deck o-rings, perhaps with a slight tendency to make too much hold, but on the whole more than acceptable.

From an aesthetic point of view the STNG has simple, clean and linear lines, which I prefer when dealing with small-sized drippers. The two drip tips supplied with a flared shape combine well with the atomizer aesthetics, guaranteeing a certain continuity of the lines and a graceful and sinuous general appearance. Finally, the quality of the atom coating also seems to be excellent, in my case the color is gunmetal with a very pleasant and light satin finish.


The STNG MTL RDA measures 22 mm in diameter, is 43.1 mm high and weighs just over 43 g. These numbers tell us that we are in the presence of a fairly compact dripper but not among the lightest on the market (it is certainly heavier than many aluminum RDAs). The parts that compose it are only three: deck, top cap and drip tip.

The most interesting part of the Wotofo product is undoubtedly the deck, although in reality none of the solutions adopted represents an absolute novelty in the panorama of rebuildable drippers. The deck is obviously single coil with opposite slots for inserting the coil legs. Coil tightening takes place through a T-shaped clamp system, operated by two small cross-head screws; it is a very effective solution and above all able to speed up/facilitate the positioning of the coil on the deck.

The STNG is a classic bottom airflow dripper with a single lateral hole (1.8 mm diameter) which directs the air under the coil at two small holes of 0.8 mm in diameter. The airflow system of this atom is the most classic but also functional it can be realized on a dripper of this type.

The holes for the cotton positioning, are quite capacious but not very deep, however enough to guarantee to the vaper an average of 3-5 throws between a dripping/squonking and the following one.

The top cap/bell of the STNG has an internal dome shape (also quite classic) with a diameter of 18 mm, and has two small teeth that determine the end of run of the bell in its rotation to adjust the atomizer air . The airflow management slot is a drop-shaped one and allows you to split the hole size of the deck to your liking, choosing the portion of it to be left open.

The last component of Wotofo’s first MTL RDA is the drip, and with its flared shape and enlarged at the bottom, it rests on the top cap so as to avoid any contact between the lips and the top cap itself. In the package there are two drip tips, one with an external diameter of 5.46 mm and the other with a diameter of 6.73 mm, while the inner hole is for both 3 mm. In the intentions of the manufacturer I imagine that the two drip tips have been designed for two different vaping modes, pure MTL and restricted flavor chasing, but in reality I have not noticed any big difference between the two versions.


The installation and centering of the coil on the deck is very simple, extremely facilitated by the presence of the clamp system for tightening the coil legs. Even the wicking operations are easier than ever, as it will be enough to house and place the cotton whiskers inside the two side trays. Easier than that…


I tested the performance of the STNG in bottom feeder configuration and I immediately noticed that, being in the presence of not too deep trays, it is very easy that in the squonking phase the liquid submerges coils and air holes below. This situation, if on the one hand does not represent a problem with regard to e-liquid leaks from the side air hole (it is really very difficult to happen), on the other hand it creates however light but annoying turbulence in the shot and also a certain amount of condensation inside the drip tip (both models).

From the aromatic point of view, the performance of this dripper is only little more than sufficient, however lower than similar atomizers on the market. The puff, which can vary from extremely closed to airy MTL puff, cannot be defined as silent nor very linear, but it certainly has a good hit, which never hurts.

The air regulation works very well but it must be said that we remain in a range purely MTL vape, and the aromatic yield is on average dry with a tendency to flatten the e-liquids aromatic nuances with complex aromatic structure. With organic tobaccos, it gets along quite well with single and light tobaccos, it’s discreet with the creamy ones (provided they are not too articulated), while it has not convinced me completely with the fruity mixes, especially those with highly sophisticated aromatic scores.


The first MTL experiment by Wotofo is not exempt from some gaps that unfortunately obscure some of the positive aspects present on the atomizer. In my opinion, STNG can be considered a good starting point for future MTL creations by Wotofo.

Recommended to: Skilled, Hardcore vapers.

  • 9/10
    In the Box - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9/10
  • 7.5/10
    Features - 7.5/10
  • 10/10
    Coiling, WIcking and Filling - 10/10
  • 6.5/10
    Performances and Flavour - 6.5/10

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