E-liquid review: Strawb-Gwab (Velvet Cloud) 30 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: ultra VG

Batch: n.d.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf 200w plus + Geekvape Peerless RDA single Clapton coil 0.3 ohm (Kanthal A1 26/32 ga) with Native Wicks cotton.

The recipe that we have today on the table comes directly from the warm and sunny coasts of California, the world capital of e-liquids, the Silicon Valley of the vaping. The product we are going to review is called Straw-Gwab and we were supplied by the manufacturer in a 30 ml glass bottle with a white cap and childproof closure.

The bottle has a medium-sized beak tip dropper. A well-made and pleasing label that transfers a sense of craftsmanship with handmade illustrations that represent the product, along with a patented, professional and elegant impact. The different American regulations than those in force in Europe make the information on the bottle very different and less accurate than the information we usually find on our e-liquids. The product in our possession is not TPD notified.


Velvet Cloud describes Strawb-Gwab as follows:

A mild blend of strawberry and guava that’s bright without being too sweet, making it a perfect all day vape. Strawb-Gwab’s silky smooth inhale is finished with an exhale that nicely pairs the richness of guava and the lingering tart notes of strawberry.


The smell exam of Strawb-Gwab presents rich strawberry notes combined with a vaguely exotic and tropical soft background. The perfume, comforted by the straw yellow color of the liquid, has a typically summer stamp with a significant but not excessive aromatic load. The bouquet in my opinion presents a typical creamy background of the Californian manufacturer. Intriguing and inviting …

For the vape test I entrust myself to a flaming Peerless RDA magenta color, absolutely perfect for a tastings release even middle-high powers. For the occasion, I have configured it in single coil with a simple clapton in Kanthal. The aromatic nuances of e-liquid will not escape me.


Since the beginning, Strawb-Gwab’s puff shows all the class of American manufacturer. Even if you are not lovers of strawberries you can not fail to notice the perfect balance and harmony of this creation. The aromatic and gently natural head notes have an exotic scent with a nearly vanilla background; You can not be attracted! The notes gradually during the vape, while maintaining a always soft and silky denominator, they take slightly acidic tips and leave a clean, penetrating strawberry note. Natural flavors with a truly unique harmonic balance, which bind indissolubly without ever canceling one another. At the aromatic sweetness of the guava it counteracts the mild acidity of the strawberry, all in a light cremose background. It seems that the two ingredients of the mix have been watered even with a splash of milk to go to form a delicate, exotic tannins shake and why not even aphrodisiacs.


To be honest, this is not an elaborate and complex recipe, and if we want, it would represent a limit for this product; but after all it’s the Velvet Cloud style, the style we’ve learned to know in these months. Velvet cloud blends the simplicity of the few ingredients used in a recipe, sublimating it with an aromatic harmony made of ingredients that are absolutely free of preservatives, gluten, sweeteners and artificial coloring, and above all, can inhale the senses. The power of the elegance of an aromatic minimalism

It is a harmonious ritual that begins in the inspiration stage, which gently passes the palate into the heart of the vape and ends with soft exhalation in the presence of a dense, white vapor.

Strawb-Gwab’s dense clouds are like a brush strokes of an artist with his oil painting on canvas. And the vision of this painting should not be ruined with a strong and impetuous lighting but deserves a proper atmosphere: intimate and soft … So Strawb-Gwab likewise deserves to be tasted and exalted at best with good airiness but with moderates watts: the best scenery to show in the best way its qualities.

ico 5

Pro: A sublime and superb shake of strawberries and guava whipped with a splash of fresh milk.