E-liquid review: Strawberry biscuit – Croustade line (The Jake’s Brew) 30 ml – received by the producer

Lotto: n.d.

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base:  50% PG / 50% VG

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150W + Aromamizer RDA V2 dualcoil 0,35 ohm (Kantal A1 0,40mm) with japanese organic cotton.

Today we return to talk of the Malaysian brand The Jake’s Brew and in case of e-liquid Strawberry biscuit belongs to the premium line of the manufacturer, Croustade The Signature Series.


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The pack of Strawberry biscuit is made, as you can see from the big top, an elegant dark cardboard box with metallic effect and a flask in 30 ml clear glass with childproof closure and glass pipette dropper-tipped beak . The style is basic and clean, I admit very much in line with my personal tastes. Little room for extravagant colors and rich designs of frills, minimal is nice! The label follows the design of the box, dark background with three yellow splashes, green and red to highlight the name of Croustade line. The product name is placed laterally as well as the content in terms of ml, the composition and the degree of nicotine. More information about the composition and ingredients of the product are present on the product package.

As mentioned in the case of the previous review of this manufacturer, are lacking several mandatory information in the European market.

The opening of the bottle immediately makes us feel the primary characteristics of this liquid which had already been stated by its name: an intense and pungent smell of strawberries is based on a creamy and sweet base to better decipher being vape. What emerges from the odor test is that the strawberry appears permeated by an acidity that not a good use of sweetner seems to have been able to dampen.

It is not a promising business card for this creamy but never rule before the fateful steaming test.


The manufacturer provides the following description of the product:

Strawberry goodness with the combination of our rich vanilla made to perfection.

On top of that, all of the flavor is balanced by the classic cookies taste, which ensures your satisfaction.


For the vaping test I decided to use my Aromamizer RDA V2.


During the vape session, strawberry immediately dominates the aromatic scene of  e-liquid without ifs and buts. Indeed not correct me the “but” there are unfortunately … Alas the mix is ​​affected and a lot of strawberry domain despite the “mediation” of a vanilla background and the presence of some sweetener (easily a classic sweetner). The level of strawberry acidity, right from inspiration, is always a bit too high at all stages of vape and this situation reflects negatively on the entire compound, providing a feeling at all unnatural.

In the central and final phase of the svapata the aroma perception of the product improves slightly, since the input of vanilla ensures a gradual softening of the mix. Is missing however the overall balance, according to the manufacturer, it should be guaranteed by the presence of pleasant biscuit notes. This deficiency in fact provides us an e-liquid which is in its ingredients a bit ‘too loose.

Although I do not think we can say that Strawberry Biscuit is an unpleasant and insvapabile product, it is equally true that I think we can conclude that we are before an e-liquid with a still very unripe aromatic construction and immature to be able to count the creation of Jake’s Brew between the best cream of the kind in issue.

ico 2

Pro: an all day e-liquid not binding.

Contro: an liquid with a poor amalgam.