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Name and format: Strawberry Ice (Dr. Frost E-liquid) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml in a 60 ml bottle – received by the manufacturer

Batch: n.a

Expiry date: n.a.

Base: 30PG / 70VG

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Devices: SVA Penguin BF + wasp nano RDA  parallel coil  0.25 ohm (26 ga SS316) con Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

Here is finally the day when we return to hopping here and there in the super frozen world of the now legendary Dr.Frost. In this world full of giant floating and colorful lollies that hide within them a juicy fruit that we can not wait to taste with you. The decision to return to this magical place in search of Dr. Frost to advise us of his creation that can still remain appreciable and enjoyable with the now imminent seasonal change. As you well know it is simple recipes in pure Malaysian style where the main element is the strong icy component that goes to freeze a specific fruit creating these fantastic colored cubes. Certainly for the type of liquid we are not in the most suitable period but we at The Flavourist are convinced that this particular liquid is perfect in this season to dampen those creamy or tabaccos flavors that often require greater attention to be appreciated to the fullest. Finally Dr.Frost has decided to choose which ice cube to bring us, we see it coming towards us, with its cylinder where we find a large and red frozen strawberry inside. Accepting the choice, it is impossible to reject or contradict the snowman, today we will go to present Strawberry Ice created in Malaysia but produced in UK by Dr Frost Polare Ice Vapes.

Strawberry Ice so officially presented:

Strawberry Ice E-Liquid by Dr Frost is Plucked straight from the permafrost then crushed into juicy, red ice lollies. This cool refreshing strawberry treat is just what the doctor ordered.


Strawberry Ice

The bottle in our possession is a 60 ml chubby gorilla and contains 20 ml of glycol flavoring, to which it is necessary to add 40 ml of vegetable glycerine possibly added with nicotine. The packaging is very colorful and fun on a translucent background slightly red, we find the super and angry Dr. Frost with his top hat can not wait to jump off us to make us try at all costs his creation.

The description given to us by the manufacturer always follows the common thread, simple but still manages to tear a smile, putting us in front of what we are going to approach, a cube of frozen strawberry, but really frozen because they inform us that it is just exit from the permafrost, is what the doctor advises us because as you well know the proverb says: a frozen strawberry a day takes away Dr. Frost from back … or did not it?

We pass immediately to the olfactory test. Strawberry Ice comes to our test silently, the first approach is very shy, contrary to what we expected, usually the aromas that contain the strawberry are very loaded and awkward, for this reason the eliquid lends itself very well and it is appreciated. Strawberry is present but it is not very concentrated and this gives us hope for the vaporization test, we also feel its aromatic lightness that never results in the synthetic while remaining discreetly faithful to reality. Among the graceful strawberries we find also some sugary notes well inserted in the aromatic bouquet that does not tend to be a mere addition but an excellent molecular combination. The olfactory impressions for this liquid are certainly positive and we want to deepen with the vaporization test, especially because we do not want the eliquid to be tiring after a few puffs. As always, we are here to discover it with you!

fragola ghiacciata

Atomizer ready drippate the first drops and off we start with the vaporization test. Immediately, as now accustomed, our welcome is really freezing! We are pervaded by a chill that runs through us, making each of our muscles shiver, but once passed it lingers slightly on our temples and on our forehead leaving almost a feeling of displeasure, and it is just like that, as suddenly we are to interpret the part of Dr. Frost. An intense and glacial first puff, still with the chills off we can certainly speak of a feeling that remains constant from the beginning to the end of the puff and that accompanies us even after completely refreshing our body. In the central phase of the svapata here finally a delicate feeling of strawberry makes space between the frozen cubes, as imagined after the olfactory test is not too invasive but is well distributed and never overloads the aromatic intensity remaining slightly apart. Even if carefully dosed we can not fail to notice that little elegant synthetic strawberry aroma that turns on tastes that are not very real and slightly pungent, losing some peculiar characteristics that we would have expected from the strawberry, such as a light sour tip. In this aromatic construction we certainly feel a good quantity of sugar but few elements lead us to imagine a beautiful red strawberry. The final part of the puff is certainly the most greedy where the sugary part of the strawberry comes out, and it is at this moment that the eliquid reaches its maximum, in fact the addition of sugar succeeds, to load almost creamy notes sweetening the composition and inserting itself in the aromatic voids given by the strawberry. This persistent and sugary sensation that leans delicately on the iced cubes will satisfy the taste making it truly usable at any time without ever being too invasive or “boring”.

The producers thinking of this liquid, with its simple recipe have tried to make a definitely round and well-balanced liquid trying to limit the use of the strawberry but tends to disappear much between the frozen discharges due to the large presence of ice that surely encloses in itself the true objective of the liquid to offer the public a tasty strawberry ice lolly.

A little advice that we can give you, as for the whole line, is definitely a liquid that winks at high wattages and that pushes the best on completely cloud systems.

strawberry dr frost

Suggested dilution: about 33% = add 40 ml of vegetable glycerine inside the bottle containing the aroma.

Steeping time: Immediately ready.

ico 2

Pro: Simple liquid with a preponderant and icy note.

Cons: The central element is overshadowed by the other elements.