Name and Format: Strike (TNT Vape) – concentrated flavour 20+40 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 19030401

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50VG

Expiry date: 03-2022

Devices: Justfog Minifit Max Pod Mod (coil 1.6 ohm)

The Italian company TNT Vape, although it cannot be counted among the main ones of the sector, holds a truly enviable record: a few years ago it created a “classic” tobacco e-liquid, therefore not deriving from natural tobacco extracts, which it has made inroads into the taste buds of thousands of Italian and non-Italian vaper, and that soon became the most appreciated and probably best-selling tobacco e-liquid in Italy. The Booms, this is its name, is a product that despite its nature of synthesis, has managed to bring together the most disparate categories of vaper, from the first-time user of the entry-level e-cig, to the vaper more experts both tobacco lovers and not. A liquid for everyone and for a satisfactory all day vape.

Today we return to take care of TNT Vape on the occasion of the launch on the market launch of its new tobacco creation, the Strike (available in the classic format aroma shot 20 + 40 ml or in the format TPD 10 ml) an e-liquid that promises to surprise and be loved like the Booms.

Unlike the Booms however, the Strike is extracted from a vegetable matrix, in this case leaves of Italian Kentucky tobacco, using (according to the manufacturer) an innovative technique that allows filtering and eliminating all the tarry and encrusting part without affecting the aromatic charge of the extract. The process developed by TNT Vape’s R&D department makes it possible to use this product on any device, including POD and entry level without having big differences in terms of coil wear compared to any other non-organic liquid, while allowing you to enjoy a real tobacco , with all the nuances and complexity of the aromatic bouquet of this leaf.
The manufacturer explains that the leaves used are selected directly from the field, the “care” applied and its subsequent conservation are specifically designed for extraction destined for vape: it is therefore not simply a tobacco intended for “the cigarette” or “to the cigar / pipe” lent to the vape, but a product and a production process (from cultivation to extraction) aimed at obtaining the maximum from the natural matrix for the purpose for which it is intended: the electronic cigarette.

TNT Vape does not provide a real official description of its Strike, so we report the most used description on the web:

Tabaccoso da estrazione naturale, ottenuto con sistema innovativo, miscela di tabacchi scelti per ottenere un gusto che appaga tutti i fumatori, unico nel suo genere!

Tobacco e-liquid from natural extraction, obtained with innovative system, mixture of tobaccos chosen to obtain a taste that satisfies all smokers, unique in its kind!


Given the interesting premises, we begin our test with the usual smell test that will begin to give us immediately some interesting indication on the characteristics of Strike.

Since the first sniff Strike shows the typical characteristics of a Kentucky tobacco extract. The aromatic tones are strong and vigorous, and from the bottle emerges bold a clear hint of “raw” tobacco. The smell is that of a strip of treated and wet leather that literally assails the nostrils penetrating them with incredible vehemence. A similar smell test, knowing that it is in the presence of a Kentucky tobacco, would already leave little hope in the life cycle of a coil inside a regenerable atomizer, let alone a non-regenerable and entry level system.

But since the manufacturer wanted to emphasize that this product was created using an innovative extraction technique, our team could not avoid an appropriate test and therefore, after having “tasted” the Strike on an RTA and an RDA, decided to carry out the definitive test on a pod mod.

The chosen entry level system is the renewed version of the probably best-selling pod mod in Italy, the Justfog Minifit, rebuilted with a new 650 mAh battery and so it became Minifit Max. We’ll talk about it in a few days.


The vaporization test with Minifit Max, while showing a more bland and less persistent general aromatic timbre compared to the tests previously carried out on rebuildable atomizers, presents me with a tobacco-like character, however pronounced, as is right in the presence of blends based on Kentucky.

Expectations do not remain disappointed because Strike always grants a rustic and enveloping breath that conquers for its naturalness. The top notes have a thick, dark, but at the same time rather round, tobacco-like frame with vaguely sweetish nuances that amplify the appreciation of this tobacco which is notoriously very selective and suitable for a few palates.

Alternating the Strike puffs between the Minifit Max and our regenerable systems, we noticed, but also this was largely predictable, a greater flattening of the aromatic structure of Strike inside the non-rebuildable system, without however excessive losses of the distinctive traits of the aroma which, in the middle phase of the puff, is strengthened leaving more woody and dry scents.

It is in the heart of the puff that the taste of Strike is fully formed, a strong tobacco with modest notes of manure framed by a slight smoky puff. A kentucky blend can hardly be considered an all day vape, but in this circumstance thanks to the effect of aromatic reduction induced by the pod mod, the Strike’s Kentucky can boast of this title, provided that however, strong tobacco tastes are not to be disdained.

Until a few months ago it would have been unthinkable just to imagine being able to vape fire-cured tobacco products on non-rebuildable entry level systems. And instead … Despite the type of tobacco from which the e-liquid was obtained, our pod managed to overcome the threshold of 3-4 refills for a total of about 5-6 ml without perceiving sudden and drastic aromatic falls.

We do not deny it, we would have expected something more even by virtue of the manufacturer’s declarations, but it is easy to imagine that the result may vary from time to time based on the non-rebuildable system used. Experience suggests that the Strike can probably be much more powerful and less inactive on head-coil systems such as the Nautilus 2s or the Zenith.

Strike is a very valid natural extract of kentucky that deserves to find its right position based on the tastes and preferences of vapers.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: 3/5 days

Pro: A real Italian Kentucky for a vigorous tobacco vaping, even on non-rebuildable systems.

Cons: We would have expected longer pods life.

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