E-liquid review: Sublime Cacao (The Fuu) 30 ml – received by the producer

Batch: RDA30/70-03-001

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base:  70% VG – 30% PG

Expiry date: 10/2017

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150W + NarDa RDA single coil (steel 316L 28 awg, 32 mm) 0.8 ohm with Japanese organic cotton + Mad Hatter mini dual coil (steel 316L 28 awg 32 mm) 0.4 ohm with Japanese organic cotton

From France with fury, or better from France with The Fuu and its Sublime Cacao, a brand new e-liquid presented for the very first time at Vapitaly 2016 (this product is not yet on the producer’s website).

The Parisian company The Fuu needs no introduction, as it is one of the most important and well known french brands, both in France and abroad. The Fuu manufactures a multitude of products, ranging from e-liquids and flavour concentrates and offers a wide range of product lines, all characterized by a particularly care to communication and image.

The label of Sublime Cacao for example, shows the particular attention the company deserves to its products. In this case, according to my very personal feeling, the producer is also making a sort of test in view of the new rules in terms of labelling set by the TPD.

This label is simple but very accurate and calls to mind the labels of some herbal products.  

Perhaps, the only flaw is the plastic bottle (presumably in PET or PE), although it is of course provided with childproof cap and dropper.

The label bears, both in French and Englis, hazard and risk information on the content, the recommendations to avoid contact with eyes and skin and reminds to keep it away from children and pets; it also provides guidance on how to open the bottle and information on first aid if swallowed or in the event of skin or eye contact.

As for the ingredients, the information provided are generic but indicate the VG/PG percentage and of course the amount of nicotine. The label is completed with the producer’s master data, batch number, expiry date and danger symbols with the tactile adhesive label for blind persons.


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There appear to be no description of the product, as confirmed by our deep search on the Web, so it really looks as the review of this e-liquid by The Flavourist is the very first you will find. Wow, a world first! What an honour!

The only references we have are the information on the label, right under the title, or “Chocolate Peanuts & Caramel”, and the perceptions from our the senses of taste and smell

The olfactory analysis of Sublime Cacao reveals an intense cocoa smell, but not a dark bitter one; on the contrary, it would seem a milk chocolate. That cocoa smell is followed by a persistent alcoholic note. And here rings a loud alarm: I hope I won’t find that alcoholic note during the vaping.

The long-awaited moment has come, and here we are, finally, at the crucial vape test.

The alcoholic note disappears as if by magic and Sublime Cacao leaves me open-mouthed frm the very first drough and with such an intensity!


The main ingredient of this e-liquid are peanuts and its taste captures the palate with an incredible the faithfulness to the real nuts savour. Here we have real peanuts, not the more common and inflated peanuts butter! On the inhale the taste of the peanuts gives to the e-liquid an intense, enveloping, full-bodied, aromatic and never too sweet character.

The peanuts taste is perfectly coupled with the cocoa, which emerges in the middle of the puff. As indicated by my olfactory sensation, I can confirm now, that it’s milk and not dark chocolate, what gives body to the mix and smoothens the intense and strong peanuts taste. Caramel, the last ingredient indicated on the label, is barely perceptible, I just can sense a minimum quantity rounding the mix as a sort of background.

The puff is absolutely satisfactory: warm, rich and enveloping. If you also consider, that the vapour generated is particularly abundant, you can easily figure out the proportion of the success of this e-liquid. The aromatic persistence is more than good, whilst your roommate will be delighted by the fragrant notes of cocoa wafting in the air.

Lower wattages enhance the aromaticity of the mix, so that both the peanuts and the chocolate taste are clearly distinguishable during the vaping; higher wattages (from 30 and up) highlight the peanuts component reducing the perception of cocoa and the overall smoothness of the e-liquid. If pushed to higher temperatures, althoug it is still more than valuable, Sublime Cacao, loses some elegance, but the vapour, already very rich, becomes even richer and “fatter” and the hit increases significantly.

Now all you have to do is decide whether you prefer to taste it as flavour chasing or cloud chasing. Les jeux sont faits!

ico 5

Pro: The peanuts taste and flavour of an almost perfect e-liquid

Contro: A glass bottle would have been the final touch for an addictive e-liquid which create dependency